Apr 16th, 2014

10 years of Levi and Jennie


Ten years ago today Jennie and I were married! It is exciting to have reached this milestone and have spent a decade together. I really can’t believe she married me in the first place, and the spell hasn’t worn off a bit. In fact, my love for her has only grown as I have watched her become more and more the woman Jesus wants her to be.

In the book of Genesis there is a man named Jacob who had to wait and work for seven years before he could marry Rachel, the woman of his dreams, but he didn’t mind. The seven years seemed as only a few days to him because of the love he had for her. When you love someone the things you do for them are a joy not a sacrifice. I can’t help but relate as I think back on these ten years. Time has passed quickly, difficult things have been diluted and joy has been enhanced by her presence in my life.

Not that it’s been easy. Uprooting from the city and pioneering a multi-site church in rural America, a demanding schedule of outreach events, an allergy to complacency and having four kids along the way has kept our calendar packed and our life wild. Friction and conflict are frequent realities. Jennie and I have a great marriage today, but it’s not by accident and it didn’t happen on it’s own. We have worked hard and fought for it. We have invested in our friendship, cultivated it and as a result we get to enjoy the fruit.

On the one year anniversary of Lenya going to Heaven Jennie and I were standing in the cemetery holding each other and Alivia took a photo of the two of us. When I looked at it later it hit me that this is not what anyone has in mind when they dream about marriage. You usually think about all your plans for the future coming to pass. Thats why looks, chemistry, money, and things you have in common, are ranked so highly.

There’s nothing wrong with any of those things of course, but how will they be when life goes worse instead of better? I know that back when we were dating I never pictured us shedding tears over the grave of a child together. I pictured us kissing on the top of the Empire State Building and preaching the gospel ’til our last breath, our kids beside us like little arrows.

The highest praise I can give to Jennie is that it has been an honor to suffer with her. It’s not the good times that show what is really inside, it takes pain filled moments to reveal character, and she has suffered magnificently. As it turns out our dreams and nightmares have come to pass together. We have kissed 102 floors above the twinkling lights of Manhattan, done ministry across the country together AND cried until we ran out of tears when one of our little arrows flew unexpectedly to heaven. In it all it has been a privilege to do so as the husband of Mrs. Jennie Lusko. There is no one I would want to hurt with, laugh with, scheme with, cry with, trail-blaze with, hold onto hope with or get old with more than her.

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  1. Susie Trefney Says:

    Levi your words are so profound. To say it’s been an honor to suffer with her brought me to tears. This blog should be read be EVERYONE going the pre-marital counseling. God shows us all amazing strength and His will through the two of you.

  2. Mandie Says:

    Beautiful words Levi!

  3. Thank you both for your amazing example. Pointing to Jesus when we had no hope. Reminding us that it’s the simple daily, ” Read your bible, pray everyday & you’ll grow grow grow.” Looking forward to all God has planned!! Prayers for you Lusko Family!! Heart & Soul

  4. melanie blanco Says:

    so cliche but I can only say!!! that was deep bro!!! lol…you guys are so precious!

  5. Rachel Passmore Says:

    The two of you are a beautiful example of love… Not earthly love, but God made love. You are a constant reminder to turn to Him no matter the situation. I thank your wife often for her love and the blessing it is to me… BUT the love God made between the two of you is special, and also a blessing to those around you. It takes trusting that He has someone for you to find the greatest of all loves… The unconditional love that consists of effort, not just feelings. Happy 10 year anniversary J & L… God has beautiful things in store for all the loving years to come!

  6. Beautiful! Happy Anniversary!

  7. Jeana Cosentino Says:

    What beautiful words for your lovely wife! You two are the most inspiring, encouraging, Godly couple I know of. Happy 10 years to you both! Amazing!!

  8. victor aguilera Says:

    Your faith is truly inspirational! Lovehaving you at harvest riverside. Come back soon.

  9. Juanita Says:

    We love that you and Jen are so transparent in your struggles and in your victories. You have been blessed indeed and we are holding you both, and your marriage in prayer. God bless you and keep you.

  10. Pam Nielsen Says:

    I’m sure your wife is beaming from your tribute to her. Our son & daughter in law belong to your church and I hope some day to have the privledge of meeting you and your wife. Beautiful words Levi.

  11. Keith And Roberta Steward Says:

    we love you guys!!
    harvest riverside

  12. Happy 10 year Anniversary to a Beautiful couple. You are loved and appreciated.

  13. Lisa Brown Says:

    Beautiful…your wife is blessed to have you as you are blessed to have her! Here’s to many many many more years together!

  14. Jennie Says:

    you’re the sweetest ever, my love. thank you for loving me so selflessly :)

  15. Angela Says:

    You two are great inspiration. Happy Anniversary from Irvine CA

  16. Leerunner Says:

    Although no ones relationship is perfect… your honesty and humility is a blessing to me. As someone who is in a marriage that is deeply struggling right now, the pain and confusion is raw. I cling to the fact of what God aspires our marriages to be like and I won’t give up. My husband is in the throes of depression and I am dealing with panic disorder due to many life stressors in the past 4 years for our family. I cling to God and his promises. Happy Anniversary and I hope you will continue to press on!

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