Aug 17th, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I was hosting the Harvest Crusade at Angel Stadium when I was challenged to dump a bucket of ice water over my head or donate 100 to the ALS association, all to raise awareness of ALS. Since the window was only 24 hours to get the challenge done I decided to multitask and do it at the stadium… all good fun. What I didn’t know was that someone had FILLED the cooler with not just ice and water but an insane amount of salt to make it colder….well, it sure made it saltier.

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  1. Lori Barton Says:

    Did you give $100 even though you took the ice? That would benefit the research for a cure too!

  2. Just one more reason to love you and Greg Laurie. I thank God for both of you. Such good sports! <3

  3. Christine Says:

    That was GREAT…My mom had ALS…Thank you for the LOVE Levi…lol…was truly a moment for me…LOVE YOU Levi…Hugs to your family from Riverside CA…<3

  4. Amberly Tanzosh Says:


  5. Patty Fulk Says:

    Good job Levi! I love you guys! We are so lucky to be apart of the family of God!

  6. What a trooper!!! But really, for a Kalispell Montana man this was probably a no chill experience. The real challenge would be taking a 10 mile bike ride on a hot Inland Empire, California day at 2pm. Now THAT is a challenge :) We in Riverside love you Levi

  7. Soutenez la recherche contre la maladie de charcot, merci
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    ici , un simple partage est suffisant,
    merci à tous!

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