Mar 20th, 2012

Just to be clear

I think that one of the biggest obstacles that can prevent a vision from becoming a reality is ambiguity.  If you are vague and unclear as a leader it will frustrate your forward progress and those around you in the process. It will also frustrate you.  If you continually find yourself let down by your team because they haven’t executed what you envisioned, perhaps the fault lies with you. For if the trumpet makes an uncertain sound, who will prepare for battle?(1 Corinthians 14:8)   You might be surprised to know that what’s missing in your organization and holding you back might not be resources, people, or talent but clarity.

The problem is that being clear is hard work.  To define success and articulate expectations means you must first know where you want to go and work through your convictions about how it is you are going to get there.  It’s much easier to be imprecise in your language.  For those under you to simultaneously know the rules of engagement, with no confusion whatsoever, and yet retain a certain sense of operational latitude to make decisions on the fly, in the heat of the battle, is a finely-tuned and precise balancing act that does not happen on it’s own. Clarity of voice requires meticulous work and constant attention.

Trust me, your team wants to know where they stand, how they are doing, what protocols are rigid,  and what the primary objective is. People crave clarity.  They are looking for someone to rise up with a clarion call that they can follow into battle. So find your voice and be crystal clear.

An adage I think about often is, “don’t communicate so you’ll be understood, communicate so that it’s impossible to be misunderstood.”

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  1. Doug V. Says:

    Newsflash !!! Your Team Stands Absolutely Razor Sharp & Unbelievably Strong Fighting to Conquer & Overcome all Obstacles > Fresh Life’s Protocol is Crystal Clear ! Save The Lost Souls !!! Your Objective ? To Blast Thru the Walls not Enter the Front/Back Doors or Windows > That Angle (Message)Which Defies Historic Odds + Textbook 101 Stuff >>> Late Report From Anchorman —> Thats Y I Walk Thru Alleys in Rain & Snow, Hot, Humid or Dry Weather…Dusty Trails, Cloudy Skies, Hail ..Sleet – Climbing Fences, Crawling Under Bushes, Tangled in Trees, Out Running Dogs, Leaping Puddles, Fighting Mudd, Sliding on Ice ,Outwitting Traffic & About a 25 Blocks To make it Home to Fresh Life Church !!! Thank You Levi & Family , Staff, Band Members For All Your Hard Work In The Name Of Jesus !!! Forever Grateful — Luv Ya’s Doug V.

  2. Kathryn Berg Says:

    Thank you, Levi for “equipping the saints” and for the tools you give us to do the job. My daughter is in Ghana
    (don’t ask me why?!)and was having problems with her roommate. Out of exasperation and desperation one night she turned on one of your podcasts, which just happened to be on “difficult relationships”! Her roommate actually sat down to listen to it with her and took notes! Through such “God-incidences” and prayer, things are better between them. This to me is huge. We haven’t cured cancer here or parted the waters but changed hearts, different perspective and healed relationships are to me what God’s work is all about.
    I also received an e-mail from a friend that was about 9 feet long. It’s contents made it abundantly clear that he was STUCK; in his guilt, frustration, hurt and anger. I was able to offer him an invitation to get to know Jesus and learn what it means to “be free”. I could offer him teachings on Freshlife Radio, podcasts on the internet and an invitation to join us at church. Brunch would be on us. Our prayer list gets longer and longer. Every journey is a missionary journey and our purpose and vision get clearer and cleared thanks in part to the clarity of your own vision and your amazing ability to share that vision with others. God bless you and keep you! Easter, here we come! KB

  3. Hal Williams Says:

    Be Careful

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