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Jan 14th, 2014

Seven years of Fresh Life


Today is the birthday of Fresh Life Church, but it’s not just any birthday, it’s our seventh. That makes it extra special because seven is a great number. It’s always been my favorite, but like I tell my daughters, I am pretty sure it is God’s favorite number too! If it’s not, it’s certainly up there because He sure uses it a lot in the Bible.

Plus think about this, Fresh Life started on January 14, 2007. On that Sunday morning 14 people showed up to our first service, and it was 14 degrees outside. Now that seven years have gone by since 2007, in the year 2014, we are seven! If that doesn’t make this a special birthday for us I don’t know what would. How about the fact that we have seen just under 7,000 people (6,920) make decisions for Christ in these seven years! That’ll about do it.

But my favorite thing about the number seven is that it is a number of completion. A number of fullness. It’s an ending, and after seven comes eight. A number of new beginnings. Even as eight people came out of the ark, eight signifies the start of something brand new. Fresh. Something bristling with potential. As we enter this eighth year of ministry that is our mindset. Glory to God for all He has done! This is just the beginning.

For our birthday we are streaming the fresh life story (a documentary we made about how the church began) all day long for free here.

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Praise is powerful. Worship is a weapon. We must approach every battle with arms raised and swords drawn. We are to do everything we can do but we must trust God for what only He can do. When we stop worshipping, we stop winning.

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We just closed out 2013, our seventh year of ministry at fresh life. It was an amazing, jam-packed twelve months of watching God move in people’s lives and bless aggressive steps of faith. At times we were holding on for dear life, but it has been awesome. Check out this year end recap video that we showed this weekend.

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From Billings to Missoula, Kalispell to Whitefish, in all we are having eighteen Fresh Life Christmas worship experiences across the state of Montana! There will be five different that will be streaming online. If you know someone who is unable to make it to church in person this Christmas invite them to join us online.

Here at the Fresh Life Christmas page you can find all times and locations, send out twitter and facebook invites and even get the Fresh Life Christmas advent videos sent to you so you can post them on instagram.

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Sep 4th, 2013

secret sauce

Unquestionably, one of the most important things we do as a church is the way we meet in houses, apartments, and coffee shops across the state of Montana for conversation, laughter, bible-study and prayer. Our larger gatherings on the weekend get more attention. They are louder and flashier — we have people travel from different parts of the country to attend these worship experiences all the time — but there is no way that Fresh Life would be the church it is if it weren’t for our small groups.

It is the low-key and conversational nature of the groups that lend themselves to discipleship, life-change, and real growth. It is in these settings that the aha! moments from the weekend are knit into the warp and woof of daily life. Friendships are forged and strangers become like blood. Anytime other pastors or leaders ask me for input, if they don’t have an aggressive and intentional approach to community, this is the very first suggestion I make.

Here is a fun little video that we recently used to create interest in Fresh Life Groups.

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