I love Wednesday nights

The feel of the service is so laid back and casual, the worship is
sweet and intimate and I love how the church comes ready to dig into
the Word. There is a coffee drink called a red-eye, it is a mixture
of black coffee and espresso, I have drank these when I have had early
early mornings. Paul prays in ephesians 1 that the church would
spiritually have their eyes popped open to all God has for us in
Christ. It was a great evening. If you don't come out on midweek
normally I encourage you to join us or grab the podcast if your
schedule or location in the world doesn't allow.

Studying Ephesians

Chapter one vs 15 to 23 and it is so rich. Paul is praying an eye-
opening prayer. We all are entitled to such riches in Christ that we
must open our spiritual eyes to see.

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Big snow on big mountain

Whitefish mountain got hammered on Monday. So beautiful up there. It
felt like a dream to ride on so much snow. It was cold…but worth
it. Hard not to see God's fingerprints in such unbelievable

What a great machine

A bunch of the folks at Fresh Life gave me this sweet espresso machine as we celebrated the church’s one year anniversary. I have definitely put it through it’s paces in the last two weeks. In this picture you can see the layers of the Caramel Macchiato (not for me) with the vanilla on bottom, steamed and frothed milk and the espresso layer marking the foam. (macchiato means to mark in italian) It makes such great coffee and fuels all the long days of studying the Word (and afternoons at Big Mountain) I am so thankful for all the Lord has been doing in the church, in my life and in this beautiful part of the world.

Oh thats right, this is Montana

Fortunately I am assured by the folks at fresh life that this has been
a mild winter.

Awesome worship on Sunday

Praising God together with everyone. So rad.

behind the scenes

a peak into the filming of the most recent announcement video.  it was shot at big mountain on a snowy and cold day.  Eric actually almost got frostbite during the chairlift ride because he wasn't wearing gloves so he wouldn't drop the camera.  the things we do for movies…you can view this vid and more on youtube

First time in missoula

I made it to Missoula after a year of living in Montana. And like a
moth to the flame I found my way to the green mermaid in this tin

Packing up fresh life

we have been so blessed by this first year of ministry in montana being at the 111 main street building. Bob and Kelly Osborne have been such a rad part of what God has done, and we are so thankful for them allowing the church to be born here. the ministry at the building is not done and neither is the great coffee downstairs at the overflowing cup.