loving montana

Went snowboarding with some of the guys from the mens ministry today, had such a blast on the mountain and had some great fellowship on the chairlift. It was so warm out I couldn’t believe it. I saw it get all the way to 50 degrees this afternoon. The sky was so blue and the contrast between the snow and the horizon so vivid it was breathtaking. You could see all the way to glacier from the top of the mountain. As we were ripping down runs I thought about how good God is for wanting us to have a blast in His creation, I experienced a sense of worship for Him that was exhilarating. It is easy to just think of worship as singing and leave it confined to Sunday and Wednesday, but the truth is worship should have nothing to with location but wherever you are you can praise Him in Spirit and Truth.

This Sunday

We are studying the end of John 15 and the first half of John 16. The emphasis of these verses is on the relationship God intends for us to have with the Holy Spirit. I am calling the message: Life in High-Def. If we allow God’s Spirit to take control of our lives we can enjoy a vibrant, rich, and brilliant walk. So many times, however, we settle for a staticky, snowy, and stale connection. Spiritually speaking we should move from that old analog signal of “doing it on our own” to the crisp reality of an HD walk with God where we rely moment by moment on the Comforter. He alone displays and illuminates Christ in perfect resolution and promises to lead us into all truth.


I’m not throwing a peace sign. Not really my style…just reminding
myself that this Sunday fresh life is officially going to two
services. They are at 9 and 11am. I know some very confused people
are going to cruise in at 10 no matter how much we announce it. It
never fails. But if you do show up early just play it off like you
wanted to be early for the eleven to get a good seat. The ushers will
just nod their heads and smile. See you then.

Coming home

Had a great time of ministry in California speaking at Harvest Christian fellowship. It was a last minute trip, Pastor Greg got sick and asked me to come cover his services. People gave their lives to Christ and the staff is so great and such a blessing to be around. It was a fun little trip, I love the beach and having an in n out burger with some old friends was nice but I am looking forward to getting home to Montana.

communion at fresh life

Sunday is a communion service at Fresh Life. I love getting to take the Lord’s Supper with the body. It is always so refreshing. I have never left a time of worshiping through taking communion and thought “I wish I hadn’t done that.” There have been plenty of things I have done in my life where I felt that way. But it is always so cleansing and “uprighting” to remember Christ’s sacrifice. It is kind of like the reset button on the nintendo. You know the one that only had two buttons, not like the 26 button x-box controllers today. When we were kids and the picture got crazy, you could just hit the reset button and it would fix it. (or blowing in the cartridge) Taking communion is kind of like that–for your soul.

Magical phrase

My two favorite words in the bible are the words, "but God…" they
show up tonight in ephesians 2:4. All of our hope pivots on those two
words. For we were lost without a chance and if there had been a
period there and that was it we would be doomed. But God. He
intervened and changed everything. That crucial conjunction brings
hope! No matter what is your lot—remember it may be hopeless, but
God. Thats all you need to know.
The message tonight is called, Extreme Makeover: Soul Edition. I hope
you will come or tune it in online.

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March 12th at the Strand

I can’t tell you how excited I am for this outreach in March. God has used Greg Laurie so powerfully to communicate the gospel. He has had the privilege of telling over 3 million people about Jesus Christ. What is so great about listening to him speak is how relatable he is. It doesn’t matter what your background or demographic is, he puts things in a way that makes sense. I hope you will invite any friends who live in the flathead valley and don’t know Christ to come to this event. If you don’t live in Montana please pray for the night and make sure to watch online. Also check out the fresh site, we have put together some banner ads that you can use on myspace or facebook to get the word out.

kevin got his bonsai

We have been learning about growing as branches in God’s vineyard while studying John 15. God wants us to abide in Christ and to abide in love. Part of the process is being pruned so that we might bear even more fruit. I shared in one of the messages that fresh life’s very talented worship leader, Kevin Guido, has a newfound passion for plants. He is really into this bonsai tree that he has on his desk and is stoked about pruning and taking care of it. I don’t think that Northern Montana is necessarily prime bonsai growing territory but I am sure he will figure it out. Either way, whatever we are going through–God is focused on our growth.


Tonight the interface leaders all got together for training before the
groups begin. We have some seriously rad people leading and hosting
these groups. It is so important for every believer to be involved in
the church in some small group for relationships to be made and to
develop accountability. The interface groups are a super chill way for
that to happen. A bunch of people who love God hanging at someones
house drinking coffee talking about what's going on in their journey
with the Lord.

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Blessed by last nights service

We have a great pastoral staff at the church. Last night I was unable to speak because of this flu that is wreaking havoc in the country. I can’t remember a time where I was hit harder or knew more people who were as well. Coy Trammel spoke on Judges 14 and gave a great message called: “Love is a battlefield.” With a title like that I was sure he was going to break into a version of Pat Benatar’s song at any moment but it never came. I watched on the webcast and was totally blessed by his message. He joined us at Fresh Life from where he served as a pastor at Calvary of Albuquerque. Coy teaches the student ministries and oversees the lay leaders who run the various ministries ranging from interface groups to the security team. I had the privilege of performing Coy and his wife’s wedding and have known them for some time. What a thrill it is to have seen God bring them to be apart of Fresh Life. If you didn’t know they are expecting their second child too! Make sure to catch the message online if you didn’t hear it.