Thanks for the prayers. I made it through the message yesterday by the grace of God. There have been only a few times where I have had to teach feeling so bad, and each time God gave me the strength to persevere. During worship I was praying that God would prove that His strength is made perfect in weakness but was really wondering how I was going to make it up the stairs to the stage. But it all worked out and the Lord even lead some people to make professions of faith. I went to the doctor today and was put on antibiotics. I would appreciate it so much if you would continue to keep me in your prayers.

Bad timing

Is there ever a good time to get sick? I doubt it. So many friends
and family have gotten the nasty cold that has been going around.
Somehow I managed to stay healthy but I woke up this morning with a
very congested chest. Public speaking while sick is no fun, but God's
strength is always shown in weakness. All the same I would appreciate
some prayer!

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Learning from grapes

Jesus told his disciples that the secret to success in the christian
walk is to abide in him. That is a word that means stay put. We are
so often so a.d.d. Such multitaskers that we get stir crazy. But only
through remaining in him will we bear fruit. I encourage you to read
john 15:1-8 before Sunday and meditate on acting like a spiritual
grape vine. Stay put. If it helps buy a box of grape-nuts and eat
raisins all day.

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