This is Levi and I want to thank you for your prayers. I was able to
get out of bed and use a walker for a few minutes today. It was the
first time I have not been lying flat on my back since I fell off the
snowmobile. I am still in pain and heavily medicated but progressing
well. The surgeon stopped by and said “I pieced together nicely.”
good to hear!

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Out of surgery.

Pastor Levi is out of surgery. It lasted three hours and a rod was successfully inserted into his femur, held in place by 3 pins. The doctor said it was a complete success. Levi is groggy and in pain, but beginning to recover. He was blessed to have a Christian surgeon and they prayed for each other before the surgery.

Thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray for God’s strength and healing.

Levi update

Pastor Levi was in a snowmobiling accident today and broke his leg. He was riding snowmobiles with Pastor Greg Laurie while he was in town speaking. Levi was the only one to be injured. Greg rode in the ambulance with Levi to the hospital and was able to minister to him and provide moral support. Levi will be having surgery Friday morning, March 14th on his femur which sustained a compound fracture. Please pray for Levi and his family.

Awesome night

Tonight was truly amazing! I pulled up to the church and there was a line out the door several blocks long! (I snagged this photo that someone took with their mobile off our photocast, you can check out all the event photos at our event photos page)
So many people came to the first service we filled the church to capacity and then some, packed our overflow to the gills and had people standing and sitting in theaisles. Still, many couldn’t get in and so were first in line for the second service which was standing room only as well. Phil Wickhams music was epic and everyone loved it. Greg Laurie preached on John 3 and many people came forward and made professions of faith in Christ! It was electric in the strand and I love to think what cars thought of the line at the door, what is going on at the old Strand theatre? Indeed. God is at work! And I, for one, am stoked to be apart of it.

This Wednesday night

If you are in the Flathead Valley I hope you’ll come out to this outreach and bring an unsaved friend. If you aren’t I hope you will pray for the night that many would be impacted and give their lives to the Lord!

Dealing with the time change

My alarm seemed to come way too early this morning! On Sundays I am
always up pretty early but with the whole Spring time change thing it was
pretty hard convincing myself to get up. A couple double espresso’s
later I was feeling a little more human and I actually enjoyed watching the sun
rise while I spent some time reading the psalms. I read psalm 69
today and was blessed by vs 30-31 that basically says, “I will sing a
song and I know God is way more into that than if I were to give him a
cow.”   Anyhow, one thing is for sure, whether we are tired or rested,
cranky or perky God is constant and never changes.

video blog

Here is the video of Alivia’s first steps, enjoy!

video blog