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So coy and kevin couldn’t resist upgrading to the latest and greatest phone from apple. They had to drive two hours to get them because they arent sold in Montana yet. If I hadn’t been studying Song of Solomon for Sunday I might have gone too, we’ll see. I can say that the iPhone is by far the best phone I have ever had. I love that my email, podcasts, the Internet, and the Bible (not in order of importance) all fit in one device.

Awesome testimony from the LOST BOY outreach

As you know, on Sunday we had a special day of ministry with Greg Laurie. He taught at the morning services and spoke after two showings of his new documentary film, Lost Boy. I have heard from so many people who came that they were super blessed and that those that they brought were impacted by his story and the messages he gave. Not only did many make commitments to follow Christ but some who have rough backgrounds were encouraged to know that God still wants to use them.

We got this email from someone who attended the outreach:

Dear Pastor Lusko,
36 years ago (1972) my mother took me to see an evangelical group put together by Pat Boone (ya, the white shoe guy). This group was traveling the country showing a film called “The Cross and The Switchblade.” Upon coming to Kalispell they showed their movie and preached the Gospel message at a little theater known as the Strand. After the Gospel was given I walked the isle, stood stage left, and asked Jesus to forgive my sins and to be my Lord and Savior.

Sunday evening (July 6, 2008) my wife and I invited our 23 year old daughter to attend Greg Laurie with us. When Pastor Laurie gave the invitation our daughter turned to us and said “I need to do this, will you please walk with me?”

Once again I found myself standing stage left at the Strand. This time I was supporting my daughter as she asked Jesus to forgive her sins and to become her Lord and Savior. It was an emotional event for each of us. For me it was extra special and emotional because of what I had done 36 years before.

Thanks and God Bless you and Pastor Laurie for our daughters salvation and for allowing us to have such a moving and special moment. It is one I will never forget.

I had no idea that the Strand had been used for ministry before, but sure do love it! Reading this story was so special and I know that each and every person who came forward at the two showings has an awesome testimony of what God did in their life. Even though there was a whole crowd of people who walked down the aisles, God saw each person as an individual. He knows us intimately, down to each hair on our head, and He cares for us and every detail of our stories . I am always so grateful when someone decides to share what cool thing the Lord has done in their life so we can celebrate and rejoice with them.

3,000 words

We have a killer photography ministry at Fresh Life. These talented volunteers cover our events for the web. I was looking through the last few events and found a few shots I wanted to share with you.
Here is one from the service in the park we had in June, we will be doing another one next Wednesday.
Here is one from a recent baptism we had at Whitefish Lake. A bunch of people got baptized and it was awesome. This little dude is named TJ and he was stoked to be getting baptized!
This was taken during the invitation after the 1st showing of the Lost Boy movie this past week.

You can see more great shots here. (If you are using firefox 3.0 and have trouble viewing our photo page you might want to try a different browser, for some reason this new version has trouble loading the pictures properly.)

P.S.–Here’s a little behind the scenes magic.
This is Seth, one of our awesome photographers, hard at work.

O2 Experience Commercial

Here is a Commercial for the upcoming ABQ O2 Experience. It will be playing on MTV, as a myspace advertisement, and before the new Batman movie, “The Dark Knight” on it’s opening day at movie theatres in Albuquerque. The goal is to reach non-believers where they are at. You can get info at o2experience.com. And please be praying for this event, that many who don’t know Christ would come and get saved, and that people would see and understand God’s awesome plan for sex

Lost Boy :: Found!

Last night we were privileged to host a premiere of Lost Boy, the documentary at Fresh Life. Our building, the Strand Theater, was a perfect place for this because before we took it over it functioned as a movie theater since 1918. In days gone by Ben Hur, Gone With the Wind, and all the original Star Wars films lit up it’s silver screen but for two showings yesterday the big picture was all about REDEMPTION.

It looked and sounded great and there was an electric anticipation in the packed house at both showings as the story unfolded. You could have heard a pin drop when the movie ended as the power of God’s pursuing love, which had just been vividly depicted, left everyone impacted. Several told me they were emotionally impacted by the film to the point of tears during more than one scene. While I didn’t get tearry I did get goose bumps when (spoiler warning) Greg Laurie, the Lost Boy, was found.

It was also so rad to hear Greg speak after the movie. He talked about how people in the audience may relate to one of the true-life characters, either him or his mother, his step-father, or even one of his mom’s boyfriends. Whatever the case, they all have in common their need for Christ. He said that we are all living out our own Lost-Boy or Lost-Girl movie and asked if anyone wanted theirs, like his had, to become a story of Redemption. At both services many came forward to give their lives to Christ. So many responded at the second service that they filled up the front area and spilled into the aisles, it was truly awesome.
I highly recommend that everyone see this movie and if you are a pastor, show it to your church. When it goes on sale it will include a bonus feature of Greg giving a gospel invitation, just like he gave at fresh life last night. Churches or youth groups can show that clip after they play it and have the “Lost Boy” address their group. You can watch the message Greg gave last night here.

Greg Laurie @ Fresh Life

It was so great to have Pastor Greg Laurie at Fresh Life for both of our Sunday services today.  He gave a message from Acts 8 called “Leading others to Christ” it was an awesome encouragement for us to get out and share the gospel.  He talked about how Philip took a step of obedience when God told him to approach a stranger on a deserted highway.  It must have seemed strange but Philip obeyed and God moved, converting the man.  Greg has such a great way of  putting things in a way that everyone just “gets it.”  At each service there were those who made professions of faith in Christ, Awesome.  Greg also signed copies of his new book Lost Boy, and we have two showings of the Lost Boy documentary tonight, should be a blast!  If you missed the message you can watch it here.

Happy 4th of July

Lenya was released from the hospital yesterday and so we are all back at home in time for the holiday. Thank you for those who have prayed for her. I love Independence day. I love the barbecues, the friends, and the patriotism. I love thanking God for a country where we are free. I love watching movies like the Patriot and remembering the price our forefathers paid for our liberty. I also really love the fireworks, especially the fireworks that you can purchase in the great state of Montana. As that great theologian, Homer Simpson put it, “What better way to celebrate the birth of our nation than by blowing a small portion of it up.” If you have never been exposed, basically you can purchase on the side of the road here what cities shoot off in other places. No joke. Greg Laurie is in town for the 4th of July weekend and will be speaking at Fresh Life at both Sunday services and after the two showings of Lost Boy on Sunday night. He was blown away (pun intended) by the Montana fireworks and we purchased an amount that would make an artillery unit drool. We couldn’t help but shoot one or two off last night and it quickly turned into several dozen, it seems most guys still have a small amount of boyish pyromania when they get around fire. Make sure to listen to Greg’s message on Sunday either in person or online at freshlifechurch.org at 9am and 11am Mountain Standard Time.

Quite a scare

Our youngest daughter was unexpectedly hospitalized this week during a trip to see a specialist for a skin problem in Washington. We were pretty freaked out when the doctors suggested she be immediately admitted and we were on pins and needles as we waited to see what had concerned the doctors so badly. It turns out she has allergies that are off the charts. She is doing great and is being released tomorrow. This was so unexpected we only brought a days worth of clothes and have been running on adrenaline and coffee. But such is the nature of most trials: a suprise. And the Lord has kept us in perfect peace as we have kept our minds stayed on Him. Isaiah 26:3.

Many have offered to bring food or help out, but right now we don’t need anything except rest and we appreciate all the prayers we can get!


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