Special Announcement

New Service

On Sunday we announced that we are responding to the incredible way God has grown the body at Fresh Life Church by adding a third weekend service.  Here is the the keynote where I reflected back on the past year and ten months of ministry at Fresh Life.  It is pretty exciting to see the timeline of how rapidly God has moved in our midst.  We are equally as thrilled to see all that God has in store for the future.  To God be the glory, great things He has done!  

Awesome Ministry in California
As I previously mentioned, after second service on Sunday I caught a flight down and spoke at the day 7 service, I gave the Revelation message about seeing the glorified Christ that I gave at Fresh Life.  It was an awesome night of worship and Bible study.  At the invitation 45 people made decisions for Christ.  Very exciting and I was back in Montana 21 hours after I had left. (Don’t worry, I still managed to find time to stop at In-N-Out for a burger.)
Tomorrow night at Fresh Life is our communion service for this month.  I will be pausing our series in 1 Samuel for one week and giving a special message called, Snapshots of the Cross.  It is always so invigorating and refreshing to reflect back on Jesus’ work of redemption.  In this message I will be showing how it was hinted at in the Old Testament long before Jesus came to the earth.  

Heavy Metal Messiah

What do you think of when you imagine Jesus in your mind? For many of us it’s a caucasian guy with long feathery hair and beard and a starry look in his eye as he stands there in a white robe with a red sash and he is usually carrying a little lamb. The fact of the matter is, this is more a product of a western imagination and countless hours staring at a flannel board in sunday school than any description of Jesus in the Bible.
Today I taught a message from Revelation 1:9-20 called, “Getting past Junior High Jesus” Because although Jesus stooped and became a human–lived out 33 years on the earth, including what is the most awkward period for all of us–middle school! (Imagine–God as a 12 year old?!) But he didn’t stay in that humbled state, he died, resurrected, ascended and is currently glorified. John got a peek into the Jesus we need to have our eyes opened up to–no J-high Jesus–he sees the punk rock edition of the Prince of Peace. He more closely resembles the lead singer from Iron Maiden than the paintings we have of him. If during the gnostic heresy, of the first century, the doctrine of Christ’s humanity was dismissed I think more often than not people today just think of Jesus as a Man and neglect His divinity. Many of the pictures of Jesus you get when you do a google image search for Jesus rob us from the true glorified Christ. Seeing Jesus for who He truly is changes everything. If we get a glimpse of His glory it will impact the way we pray, worship, confess and live out our lives. Afterall–Our God is a consuming fire!

If you missed the service or webcast you can watch the archive here. Or if you live in California I will be giving this message at Harvests Day 7 service in Riverside at 6pm PST tonight. They webcast the service live as well. Many Blessings!

What is the book of Revelation all about?

That was one of the questions I answered at the outset of the new series, At Worlds End. It is a book that has mystified many, terrified some and confused others yet in the first five words the book speaks for itself, identifying what, or I should say, who the book is focused on.
Here is a clip from that message:

As we get ready to dive back in and study the second half of chapter 1 get ready to see Jesus like never before. The vision John has of Jesus, the book’s focal point, is definitely not what most people think of when they imagine Jesus in their minds eye. But it is a description that I love and inspires worship and awe. Hold on for the ride!

Apple Mecca

Many of you know I am a big fan of Apple computers.  I couldn’t resist the urge to visit their flagship retail store while I was in New York City this weekend.  It is an entirely underground space that you access through a glass cube jutting out from the ground in between central park, FAO Schwarz and the Plaza hotel on 5th Avenue.  You can go down through a glass elevator or a set of entirely glass stairs.  Cinderella would love the place!  (Can you tell I have a three year old daughter?)  Since it’s in a city that never sleeps, this store never closes–seriously, it’s open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Which would come in handy if you had an irresistible urge to purchase an iPod at 3 in the morning on Groundhogs day.  Pretty cool, but very crowded.  I came back early in the morning when almost nobody was there to check out the new Macbooks that just came out last week.  Fun.  It was a great trip, but I am stoked to be home and thrilled to be jumping back in to 1 Samuel tonight and Revelation this Sunday. 

Here is a fun little video we shot mockumenting my visit.

P.S. Don’t take the theology of this video-blog too seriously or you might think I have fallen into iDolatry. 

Stage Deli on Broadway

I finally got my pastrami sandwich, and I can tell you this–I liked it a whole lot better than the Philly Cheesesteak! (Plus it is technically kosher, so that’s a plus in my book.)

God in the Garden

Last night was an amazing night of ministry.  New York can be a very difficult to minister in.  It is a powerful city, that almost pulsates with energy and life, but for many it is a rough place to live and given 9/11, and the current economic crisis there are many hurting people.  But tonight was all about hope.  After epic music from the Katinas, Relient K and Mercy Me, Greg preached a message of hope and faith that you could tell resonated with people and many of them opened their lives up to Christ.  Over 1,300 from around the 5 burroughs of New York City and as far as Long Island and New Jersey came to know Jesus Christ!  Outside of the fact that even one sinner coming to repentance is enough to create a cosmic fiesta, it was also very cool to see this happen in such a historic venue.  Madison Square Garden is known all around the world for it’s concerts, and athletics but tonight it was serving a higher purpose.  51 years ago Billy Graham held crusades in the Madison Square Garden, but tonight was the first event in years to take place there for the purpose of the proclamation of the gospel.  Let me tell you it was killer to see God once again at work in the Garden! 

Here is a little video I shot outside the garden and inside the tunnel leading out to the stage before the doors opened. 

Ground Zero

Times Square in NYC

Please pray for tomorrow nights event!  We are expecting a capacity crowd at the event and hopefully MANY will come to know Christ in this great city.  God Bless!

Harvest Crusade, New York City

New York Harvest 08 with Greg Laurie
Keep this final Harvest Crusade of the year in prayer. It is a one night event at the historic Madison Square Garden.

At Worlds End

Yesterday we began our new series studying the book of Revelation. We went around town and asked people when and how they thought the world is going to end. The answers were pretty bleak, and for the most part admittedly confused concerning the end times. There is no need for any Christian to be ignorant–the book of Revelation proves that God wants us to be aware of what’s in store for this earth and those on it. In contrast to preconceived notions, it is a book full of hope, certainty and good news. We covered the first 8 verses in a message called, Time is Running Out. Some shy away from reading and teaching on this subject, I even have a friend who was invited to speak at a large church but was asked not to speak on anything controversial like end-times stuff. But the way I see it, if Dave Matthews can sing about, “When the World Ends,” the Muse can sing the song, “Apocalypse Please” and U2 isn’t afraid to sing about the “Last Night on Earth” why should we be afraid to declare what God has plainly revealed? People were stoked and we had overflowing crowds for the launch. Second service people were sitting on stairs and on the floor. At both services people responded to the invitation to receive Christ, second service a dozen people came forward, mostly young. It doesn’t seem like we will be able to go too much longer without adding a third weekend service…crazy. I am psyched on this study and am sure it will be a blessing because God promises anyone who reads, hears and keeps the teaching of the book will be blessed. (Reveleation 1:3, 22:7)
You can watch, listen or download the message here.
Here is the video we showed at the service.