Great time at the cove

I am on a plane in Salt Lake City headed home to Montana where I will be speaking at Skull Church tonight on the life of Elijah. My wife and I spent the last few days with some of our favorite people on the earth teaching the Bible and enjoying the beauty of autumn in North Carolina. (I took this photo from the front porch.)coveleaves
In some areas the leaves changing made the hills look like they were on fire, (I attached a pic of that at the end of the blog) it was overwhelmingly beautiful and refreshing.

Greg Laurie, Pedro Garcia, Don McClure and I all spoke 2x each during a seminar on Christ’s Return at the Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove. There was also music at each session by the always enthusiastic Dennis Agajanian and worship by Marty Goetz. It was a really sweet blend of hanging out and ministry. Everybody brought their wives and Greg brought his whole family along and we all had a blast drinking sweet tea, eating delicious Southern cooking and meeting all the friendly people that were there on retreat. Skip and Lenya Heitzig were supposed to be there too but due to Lenya’s cancer treatment they had to stay home in Albuquerque–we missed them. 🙁

BIlly and Ruth Graham’s vision for the Cove was that it would be a place for Christians to go and be rejuvenated in the Lord and in His Word and be equipped to be used by God more powerfully when they went home. Their vision certainly became a reality, and everyone (there were people from 23 different states) who attended–including those of us who were there to serve–seemed to really be blessed.

Here are a few more pics:
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Rocking North Carolina


Fire & Ice

At skull church we have begun our third series, Fire and Ice, a study of the life of Elijah. He was a man who was powerfully used by God. For me, the very mention of his name evokes thoughts of intensity and action. But he was human like we are and his life was marked by periods of melancholy and fear as well. I have always been intrigued by his life and am super pumped to journey through his mysterious and eventful story.

Fresh Life Radio

On Sunday at the 11am service our new FM radio station went on the air for the first time. It has been a two year process since we took a step of faith and applied for a signal from the FCC and God opened every door to get us here in that time. The format for the station is unique; in addition to live services from Fresh Life and Skull Church, on weekday mornings we air teachings from Greg Laurie, Skip Heitzig, Chuck Smith and Jon Courson. The rest of the time the station plays killer Christian music. And not the kind of Christian music you would hear in an elevator either! Continue reading…

Feeling God’s pleasure

Here are some mobile musings on the following subjects: knowing and doing God’s will, Beatle’s Rockband and why (most of the time) I’m not tired.
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Falling for Fall

In the past I’ve always said that my favorite season is summer. But I must admit that I have been very impressed by autumn lately. Today I went on a 25 mile bike ride to enjoy the day, the air was brisk and the scenery was stunning. (I grabbed this shot to show you how delish the day was.)

The leaves on the trees are all changing and from deep green and cool yellow to bright orange and fiery red, fall’s entire palette was represented. Even the horses, birds and squirrels that I passed by seemed to be enjoying the day.

Also, a bug flew into my mouth. I spit it out and the happiness continued. Continue reading…