Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert is our newest series at Skull Church. We are going through the book of Ecclesiastes where Solomon ruins the ending for anyone who would try to live their life for anything but God. I LOVE the work the creative dept did on this series!

never grow up.

Planting a church is kind of like fighting your way through a jungle, attempting to forge a path. You are so focused on the vines and creepers right in front of you, remaining to be cut, that you can’t focus on how far you have already gone. What is behind you doesn’t matter. For all practical purposes, you start over with every swing.

We have been working on this stretch of jungle for three and a half years now and though we have seen God do incredible things, we are still swinging like we just began. I never want that to stop. I hope and pray that no matter how long God tarries that we will still think and work with the fresh intensity and raw zeal of a start-up work. We are still planting this church and always will be.

The moment you begin to sit around talking about how far you have come and maintaining the status quo, not only do you stop moving forward but the jungle actually begins to close in on you. You have to fight to maintain the hunger and drive that comes from just starting out. There is a slowness and a deadness that comes from thinking like an institution. No matter how long you have been at it, grab your machete and start hacking like you just started!

Is it wrong to smoke weed?

A text-msg question about getting high that I answered @ Skull Church.

the wrong idea about Rock this City

Fresh Life Church is around 1,400 hours into our goal of giving the Flathead Valley 3,000 hours of community service this summer in an initiative that is attached to our study of the book of Nehemiah. We have teams, decked out in red Rock this City shirts, all over the place doing things like: picking up trash, cleaning mountain bike trails, giving blood, and making meals for homeless people. It has been awesome seeing the church rally to the vision and rise up to make Jesus famous by serving in these very practical ways.

When I met with the mayor of Kalispell, before this project began, and asked how she would have us spend the 3,000 hours one of the immediate things she asked for us to focus on was graffiti removal. As a result that has been an area that we have thrown a lot of energy at. We have prayed that people would see our “good works and give glory to our Father in Heaven” (Matthew 5:16) But this past week one of our teams, that was serving in this way, attracted the wrong kind of attention. One of the local newspapers runs a section, called the Law Roundup, where they report all police activity from the day before. (One of the quirky things about living in a small town) It is usually pretty humorous to read. Here is what was written about the RTC team:

Police investigated a complaint that youths were spray-painting the bridge at Underpass Hill. It turned out that the young people were performing a good deed by removing the graffiti Tuesday evening.

You can learn more about Rock this City, watch videos where you can meet some of the RTC stars and even participate and log your hours (no matter where you live) here.

Daisy Grace Lusko


Early this morning, Jennie and I received a wonderful gift from the Lord and her name is Daisy Grace! Weighing in at 8 lbs 7 oz, she arrived at 4:41 this morning. She is healthy, awesome and, like her sisters, she waited until I was done preaching for the weekend to show up! Thank you in advance for your prayers, praising God for a safe arrival, for her and Jennie! Continue reading…

riding on fumes

I have a friend who went through a phase where he would try and go as long as possible without getting gas when his warning light came on in his car. He would ride on fumes for mile after mile, even driving with his a/c off in the middle of the summer, and then at the last possible moment he would creep into a gas station and fill up. Each time he did this he was playing a game of chicken with his gas tank and sometimes he lost. On more than one occasion I can recall bringing him a gallon of gas, once on a freeway onramp.

As crazy as that seems, do you realize that your entire life is a lot like that brief period of lunacy between the warning light coming on and my friends car coming sputtering to a stop. James says that “life is a vapor,” and he means that it will be over before you know it. No matter how old or young you are, the gas light is on and you are riding on fumes. It could go on for a long time or you could be dead by the end of the week. The harsh truth is, none of us are guaranteed anything beyond today.

The goal then should be to make this brief life count, but how do you do that?

Robert Murray McCheyne, an awesome Scottish preacher, used to regularly say “Live so as to be missed.” He died before his thirtieth birthday in 1843 and yet because of his laser-like focus on eternity and his infectious passion for lost people, he is still impacting people today, myself included, through his writings and his example. He lived so as to be missed.

2 Chronicles 21:20 describes someone who did just the opposite. It says, “Jehoram was thirty-two years old when he became king, and he reigned in Jerusalem eight years. No one was sorry when he died. They buried him in the City of David, but not in the royal cemetery.”

When you read about Jehoram you find out that he became king in Judah during the days of the divided kingdom, to wipe out the competition he murdered his own brothers. He married a daughter of the phenomenally wicked King Ahab, who ruled in Israel, and Jehoram led his people into the worship of idols. Finally, the prophet Elijah wrote him a letter letting him know that he was going to get an intestinal disease that would cause his bowels to fall out of his body. He died in agony. No one cared.

What a vivid contrast. I think that we all want our lives to count, to be missed and we’d definitely rather not have our bowels fall out! But what are you doing about that today? You must remember that you are writing your epitaph each day as you live your life. If the fumes ran out today and you died, would you be missed? Are you making your brief life count for eternity? It’s been well said, ‘Only one life, will soon be past, and only what’s done for Christ will last.’ May God fill you with His Spirit and give you the tenacity and the power to focus on Him, like a heat-seeking missile, that you might live to make Jesus famous in this world while you still have time.

Daniel 12:3 Those who are wise will shine as bright as the sky, and those who lead many to righteousness will shine like the stars forever.

a powerful example in a pint-sized person

Last night at Skull Church we looked at the miraculous healing of Naaman in 2 Kings chapter 5. The story is such an awesome portrait of the gospel. You have this Syrian General who, from all outward appearances, has it all together. He is rich, powerful, successful, and popular. He also has leprosy, a slow decay of his nervous system that will lead to ultimate disfigurement and death. This is a picture of what sin does to the human heart. He hears about a miracle working prophet in Israel, from a household servant, and heads off to see this Elisha guy with a truck-load of cash. This is much like the person who thinks they can earn God’s favor or buy their way into heaven with good works.

When he arrives at the prophet’s home he is surprised and disgusted that the man of God doesn’t treat him like a VIP, he doesn’t even talk to him at all! He simply sends a message telling Naaman that if he were to dip 7x in the muddy Jordan river he would be healed. In the same way that “the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing” (1 Cor 1:18) Naaman thinks this plan is the stupidest thing he has ever heard, and he almost leaves. In the end he humbles himself and does what he was told. As a result, Naaman’s leprosy was healed and his heart was transformed. He became a God-fearer and we can look forward to meeting him in heaven.

As riveting as the entire story is, to me the most exciting detail is the part played by the servant who referred him to Elisha in the first place. We don’t know her name or anything about her except that she was an Israelite that had been kidnapped and forced to live as a slave in Naaman’s house. Only two verses are given to her in the entire Bible (II Kings 5:2,3) and yet she was used powerfully by God in the healing and conversion of her influential master. How differently Naaman’s story would have gone had she not piped up. She certainly had every reason to NOT tell him about what God could do if he would make the trip to Israel. When raiding bands took slaves they often killed the men. She potentially saw her father murdered before being dragged off to live as a slave. In spite of this, she was filled with compassion and spoke spoke up in love.

We all need to realize the important role we have in the work of evangelism as we do something as simple as inviting people to a church service, an outreach or telling them about an online webcast they can watch where they will hear the gospel presented. Evangelist Greg Laurie, who has preached to over 4 million people in crusades says that says 85 percent of those who come forward at the invitation to follow Christ were brought by a friend. Opportunities to speak up are all around us and we never know what ginormous things God could do through our smallest act of faith.

History might remember the healing of Naaman as one of the miracles that God did through Elisha’s ministry, but in the Lord’s eyes this young chick was an equally important part of the process. In the end, both the one who sets and the one who spikes will receive equal spiritual rewards (1 Cor. 3:6). So look for an opportunity to be used by God today!