2011 // The Plan

This weekend at freshlife we rolled out the plan for 2011. Although in some ways we will technically be doing fewer things, compared to 2010, we believe that there is the potential to see God do much more this year. David got to fight a lot at home, he killed both lions and bears, but when he put was in the valley of Elah he only fought one battle. It just so happened to be one fight that really mattered. This year we want to put ourselves in the sweet spot and save our energy for the things that God has called us to. It’s easier, more comfortable and far less scary at home than it is in the valley but life is too short to miss the moment you were meant for.

Often, by nature, we do too much. I know that personally I gravitate towards complexity and have to fight for simplicity. I once heard Andy Stanley say, “In ministry you need to balance additions to your to-do list by being intentional about putting things on your not-to-do list.” There’s only so much time to go around and you can’t do everything.

God put some tremendous dreams on my heart that we hope to see come to life this year, but in order for there to be bandwidth for these things–well, something had to give. You see this in the Bible, Mary had to choose to not fuss over the centerpieces in order to sit at Christ’s feet. There was subtraction so there could be addition. Time is a zero sum game. Killing the sheep-attacking predators was awesome preparation for David, but in light of the anointing on his life remaining at home fighting cougars would have kept him from what God called him to do. If you’re not careful good things will keep you from the best things.

Here’s the plan: