Fail Big Go Big

I want to tell you something that you might not need right now but I believe the day could come where God will use it to keep you going. There might even be someone in your life who will need to know this sooner than you. Here it is: I believe that your finest hour could come after your biggest failure.

One of the most remarkable things to me about God is His ability to forget. Over and over again we are told in the Bible that God not only forgives our sins but He forgets them as well. He hides them behind His back. He remembers them no more. However that works, somehow He chooses to not call them to mind as He looks and thinks about us. Amazing.

We don’t have that ability unlocked yet. It seems that we will in heaven because we are told that we will know even as we are known. Until then we are left dwelling on our mistakes, and focusing on our failures. It can be debilitating. Nothing will rob you of your courage and zeal as the reminder of all the stupid things you have done. The devil loves to keep our blooper reels on repeat in our minds and he turns the volume up anytime we start taking steps to activate our calling. I can’t tell you how many times I have been trying to take a big step of faith and woken up in the night haunted by sins that I committed in the past.

These are times where we have to take hold of the truth that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ, and even though our own heart is condemning us, He is greater than our heart. In these moments you have to remind yourself that not only are you forgiven, but God doesn’t even remember what you can’t forget. You can’t let yesterday’s failure keep you from today’s victory.

As I look around scripture I see example of example of people who didn’t let their mistakes keep them from getting up and going big.

Joshua prayed for the sun to stand still after he failed at Ai and prayer-lessly made a truce with the Gibeonites.
Samson killed the most Philistines of his lifetime after giving up the secret to his strength lead to his humiliation and his eyes being poked out.
Jonah participated in the revival at Nineveh after he ran from God and pouted for three days inside a fish.
Peter preached and saw thousands saved after denying Christ three times.

And I believe with all my heart that even if you have made a massive mistake, your greatest day could be waiting just around the corner. Get back up. Walk in forgiveness. Don’t let the devil keep you dwelling on what God has already forgotten. It’s a new day. Because God is awesome, your finest hour could come after biggest failure.

Greg Laurie at Skull Church

I am so excited to announce that on October 5th pastor and evangelist Greg Laurie will be speaking in Montana. Ever since God got a hold of his heart as a teenager Greg has sought to share the gospel with as many people as possible. As he has been faithful to proclaim the message God has opened doors for him to preach all over the place–from Madison Square Garden to Dodger Stadium–through the Harvest Crusades. It is an honor and a huge opportunity to have him come and speak at Skull Church.

I am not going to give any spoilers but we have also booked an incredible guest band for this event. It’s going to be quite a night! Pray about who you can invite and bring with you. If you live outside of Montana invite someone over and have a Skull Church viewing party. We stream in HD and have heard stories of people hooking laptops up to tv’s, beaming it from an iPad to an apple tv over airplay or watching thru their playstation. Whatever it takes! And please pray that God will move in power and that many will come to know Christ.

Take a moment and visit where you can invite a friend to attend or watch the webcast by email, tweet about the event and get more info.

This weekend’s party


We just finished the first ever, out-of-town skull church event. It was two hours away in Missoula, Montana. Zoo-Town, as it is called, is a college city and has a bigger population than the greater Kalispell area. We have had a heart to come here and preach the gospel for years and I am so thankful that God has given us the opportunity.

This whole thing was a step out in faith for us. We have never done ministry here, my radio show isn’t on the air, and even though we have seen God do amazing things through skull church at home and online, we have never tried to take it on the road. I don’t have a problem telling you that it was a little scary. Would anyone come?

The venue was way rad. A super vibey old-school theatre. (we tend to be drawn to the phantom of the opera type of rock and roll clubs to do church in.) When our setup teams arrived the cleaning crew hadn’t yet arrived to mop up from the previous show and it was gnarly. Their was still the smell of freshly smoked pot in the air and a mixture of vomit and spilled alcohol on the floor. What better place could there be to preach the gospel?

Missoula is a city that needs the gospel. It has the feel and worldview of what you would find in any university town. Pastors that partnered with us in this outreach told me that it is a very unchurched city with very low numbers of the people attending any place of worship at all. We definitely encountered some very vocal and hostile opposition as we sought to shine the light of Christ but we also found many to be very open and interested as well.

Each night we had great crowds. We didn’t know what to expect and were blown away as hundreds poured in. In addition to those there in person we had several thousand joining in on the live webcast from all over the country and other parts of the world. Best of all, by the time the weekend ended we saw eighty-nine people make professions of faith in Christ!

I am overcome by God’s goodness for letting us be ambassadors of the gospel. I am thankful to freshlife for being a church that cares about the lost in other places. And I am blown away by the mighty men and women of my team that not only fought a giant this weekend–they ran to the battle.

Here is a lookbook to give you a feel of what we saw God do.



















One more night in Missoula

There will be music from the skull church band and Blindside. I will be giving a message straight from skull hill, on the conversion of the thief on the cross. We are praying for God to fill all the seats of the Wilma theatre and the overflow facility. It all starts at 7pm MST and will be streaming live online in HD at Invite someone to watch or post a link through whatever social media you use!

and please PRAY!!

Skull Church Missoula is this weekend!

It is finally here. We are taking Skull Church on the road for the first time. There will be performances by Family Force 5, Blindside, the Skull Church band and explicit gospel messages. We are praying for God to move powerfully in Zoo town!

Take a moment and visit our promo page (link) where you can invite people to attend, send pre-loaded tweets, and download wallpapers for your screen. Both nights of this outreach will be webcast live so you can even invite people who don’t live anywhere near Montana to join in on the fun. And please pray for God to move in power!

LA Harvest

I just got back from Los Angeles and it is so much warmer in Montana. I just had to take the opportunity to say that because there aren’t too many times a year where that is true!

I was down in California hosting the first ever Harvest crusade at Dodger stadium. It was unbelievable. 340 churches came together and partnered with Greg Laurie to amplify the gospel in this city that has the eyes of the world on it. Over 50,000 people filled this historic venue and there was so much energy and excitement that you could feel it. All the musicians did a phenomenal job and Greg seriously brought it.

When the invitation came so many people flooded on the field that the fire marshall wouldn’t allow any more to come and people stood in the aisles to pray to receive Christ! Follow up counselors tried their best to get to them all and 5,900 decisions were registered but many more had Bibles passed to them. It was crazy.

Since the event was on the eve of the tenth anniversary of September 11th, the night ended with a very special time of remembering. Pastor Chuck Smith lead us in a prayer for America and then all the musicians sang ‘God bless America’ as the lights were cut and everyone in the stands held up digital candles on their phones. Then Chris Tomlin lead us in a time of worship that gave me chills. Hearing the voices of 50,000 worship Christ was overwhelming. It was a taste of heaven. I was overcome by the thought that this is what our nation needs most. Jesus is the change that the world is looking for.

The stage was set for God to move. He did.

Hooray for LA!

Chris Tomlin. In addition to being the most sung songwriter in the United States he is also a laid-back and kind person who is super focused on making Jesus famous. It was an honor to work with him again.

After the event I preached on Sunday at Harvest so Greg could recuperate. Always an honor to preach for him. Now it is time to enjoy this warm weather…while it lasts! You can watch the archive of the LA crusade here.

Last Night’s Party

Before I say anything about last night’s skull church event first I want to say happy birthday to my amazing four year old daughter Lenya! She is a sweet, funny and wonderful girl and I am so thankful for her. I took the day off today so we could spend celebrate as a family and she gave me permission to shoot off this little blog and share what great things we saw God do last night.

Every time we gather on the first Wednesday of the month for the explicit purpose of evangelism it is awesome to watch hearts respond to the gospel, but as September’s event approached there there seemed to be an extraordinary sense of excitement. This makes sense because in just over a week we will be taking skull church on the road for the first time! (details hereAnd we couldn’t possibly be any more fired up about bringing the good news to Missoula, Montana.

The skull church band sang all original songs that they have never performed before. I can’t wait for their forthcoming album to drop! And we had special guest music from Bellarive. They are a newer band from Florida that you need to give a listen if you haven’t yet. Their sound is very creative, and dynamic. Kind of a melodic-rock approach to worship. They were even better in person than I expected, and that’s saying a lot because I really dig their EP.
I gave a message called RSVP from Matthew 22 about how Jesus has given us all an invitation to go to heaven but we have to respond. We saw 32 people do just that, making professions of faith in Christ!

Amazing. Please keep the Missoula event in prayer as it is upon us in just 8 days. And pray for the LA Harvest Crusade at Dodger Stadium that is this Saturday. (it will be streaming live online here and broadcasting on fresh life radio as well) I will be hosting the event and then speaking for Pastor Greg Laurie on Sunday morning at Harvest. Pastor Don McClure will be coming to speak at fresh life while I am away. He is such a rock star and a man of God. I am so thankful for him and can’t wait to hear the podcast!

Here is a little photo look book to give you a glimpse of what we saw God do last night.