The skull church record 11/9/12

On November 9th we are so excited to release When Darkness Shakes, our very first full length record! We have been working on this project for a long time and it has been an exciting journey. All ten songs on the record have been born in the midst of this movement; they are songs we sing at skull church events and in our worship experiences at fresh life and we have seen God use them powerfully. I can honestly say I am thrilled beyond measure to share them with the world, if nothing else just because of how much they elevate my heart and get my blood pumping for eternity. The song “Someday” (my personal favorite) is one of the most invigorating songs ever. Here is a sneakpeak of the album cover.

We timed the release of the record to coincide with skull church Bozeman, the final event of the year. Physical copies will be available for purchase at that event, all fresh life campuses and for sale at It’ll also be available for purchase digitally on iTunes, Amazon, Google play and where ever else online music is sold, probably even the sketchy russian ones. We are also doing a two day radio special on my show, Fresh Life Audio, where you will be able to hear a little bit of the songs as well as Kevin and I giving the backstory on the story behind the songs, and why the songs are ordered the way they are. Listen for that program on November 8th and 9th. I can’t wait for you to hear it!

Happy Birthday Fresh Life Radio!

Three years ago today, during a live worship experience, we signed KFLF 91.3 FM on the air in the Flathead Valley for the first time! Trust me when I tell you that it is a full God thing that we came into owning and operating a radio station (I share the story of how it all happened 44 minutes into this teaching called “Fighting Forgetfulness” during our Uprising series if you want to hear it.) Two years later we acquired our second radio station, this time in Billings, Montana–the largest city in the state, KYWH 88.9 FM and a translator 107.1 FM. Because of God’s favor, we now have a radio network that covers more than 1/5 of the state and through the internet is available everywhere!

Not only are the teachings that we play each morning unbelievable (Pastors James MacDonald, Greg Laurie, Pedro Garcia and others) but the music that we feature is stuff that you really don’t hear on any other Christian radio station that I’ve heard. Since we don’t care about charts or demographics or what drives record sales we just play music we like. It’s killer. It’s also an amazing opportunity to broadcast Skull Church events and Fresh Life worship experiences live on the radio. And God is using it in a major way. We regularly see people commit their lives to Christ and register their decisions after listening to the message via the radio. My dad specializes in media and broadcasting and I literally grew up in radio stations so this kind of thing is in my blood, but it never gets old to see God’s Word amplified through modern media delivery vehicles and change lives in the process!

I am so thankful to the Lord for giving us this opportunity and my dad for all he has done for our broadcasting arm. I am also so grateful for the incredible team that works so hard to keep it fresh. Happy Birthday Fresh Life Radio!

This past year we also rolled out our app in iTunes and the Android Marketplace and one of the best features is access to fresh life radio streaming 24/7 so no matter where you live you can enjoy it on the go. Get the app here.

Listen to the live stream on your computer here.

Skull Church Bozeman

We are gearing up to hit the road again and this time both Hawk Nelson and Leeland will be joining us! This November we are super excited to bring Skull Church to the Emerson Theater in Bozeman, Montana. Please join with us in praying that many would come to know Christ through this weekend that is quickly approaching! For all the details, promo video, and digital invites click the picture below.

Happy Birthday Alivia!


Today my firstborn daughter Livvy turns 7 years old. She is a source of constant joy, fun and is already a leader. It was her that turned me and Jennie into a dad and mom and her birth caused both of our parents to turn into grandparents. When we started fresh life she was the only child in the church. Kids ministry was pretty simple back then, I held her while Jennie lead worship and Jennie held her while I spoke. Things have gotten a tad bit more complicated since then and she has been a valuable part of the team each step of the way!

She loves the Lord, loves her family, loves the church she is planted in, loves to read, ride her bike, dance, draw and invite people to skull church. And following in her dad’s footsteps, she is pretty stoked on technology. She is just as and potentially more savvy with an iPhone as any of her grandparents. We love her so much! Happy birthday baby!

This weekend

We are beginning a brand new series at fresh life called “With the wild beasts.” It is all about temptation, a subject that everyone of us deal with every single day.

Visit the wild beasts page (unless you are easily frightened) to send out series invites by email and promote it online. I believe it is going to be powerful.


Last night’s party

“Shout it, go on and scream it from the mountains, Go on and tell it to the masses That He is God”

We closed out the evening with these words reverberating through the room as The Digital Age (or as you might know them, the former members of the David Crowder Band) led us in worship, praising God for all those we had just seen commit their lives to Christ. It was an extraordinary night. The first official chilly day of fall, lives changed. Insanely great music. My heart has never been fuller nor my desire to go and scream it from the mountains greater. Thank you God that I get to be a part of what you are doing through Skull Church!

Here is the lookbook from last night’s event to give you a glimpse of what we experienced:

Skull Church Tonight!

This is it! the final skull church event taking place in Northwest Montana in 2012. In November we are heading out to Bozeman, for the first time, for a two-night event and that will be the end of an amazing year of watching God work through this ministry. We are praying and believing for a powerful event tonight. I will be giving a message from the book of Luke and the guys in the band that we have coming in have played all over the world and have even been nominated for a Grammy! They are seriously killer.

Please join us online at 7pm Mountain time at and spread the word!


Don’t wait until you die to go to church

Psalm 23:6 “…I will dwell in the house of the Lord Forever.”

When you die, as a believer, you move-in to God’s house. Jesus promised us that straight-up. He said that in His Father’s house were many mansions and that when He left the earth He would prepare a place for us there. We also know from scripture that life in God’s house is paradise. Think of that! Jesus intentionally used that word to describe it, knowing full well what images it would bring to mind.

There are great places on this earth, even though it is marred by sin, places like Fiji, Hawaii, or the Caribbean that we would call paradise. God’s house will be full of pleasure and joy on an even greater scale than these tropical locations–and we won’t just be visiting–it will be our new home.

David looked forward to heaven with longing. He wasn’t looking forward to traveling through the valley of the shadow of death, but he was confident of what he would find on the other side. His peace came from knowing that the moment he was absent from the body he would be present with the Lord and he would dwell in His house forever.

Psalm 27:4 “One thing I have desired of the Lord, That will I seek: That I may dwell in the house of the Lord All the days of my life…”

The marvelous thing is that you don’t have to wait to die to experience the joy of heaven. David knew that through being planted in God’s house all the days of his life he could get a taste of what would be his to treasure in eternity–beholding the beauty of the Lord. To the degree that we are planted in His house in life we are prepared for and sustained until we travel there permanently through death.

You see, heaven is not just a place, it’s a person. Even though we can’t see Him face to face on this earth we can experience His glory, like nowhere else, through His church. Don’t wait until you die to go to God’s house!