A Glimpse of Skull Church

We put a little recap video together to show what we saw God do at the recent Skull Church event in Bozeman.

We are dialed in for Skull Church 2013 but are still praying about 2014 and beyond. If you would like to request an event in your area you can do so here.


This Thanksgiving weekend we are beginning a brand new series at fresh life going through the New Testament book of Philemon. It is an amazing little book (just 25 verses) that doesn’t get a lot of attention, but it has a lot to say. R. Kent Hughes called the book of Philemon, “One of the great stories of the gospel and of the Church–a jewel in her crown.” I believe that God is going to do a powerful work in many hearts and lives as take time to study it.

We have set up a page where you can post about the Fugitive series or send out an e-vite to someone who needs to know of God’s love so they can join us at a campus or online. The holidays can be a happy time for people who have the warmth of healthy relationships around them; but it can also be a painful time of regret and loneliness for others who don’t. If you have out of town family staying in your house, what a great opportunity to get them to God’s House! You can visit the Fugitive page here.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Fresh Life Whitefish is Moving!

We are ultra excited to announce the new location of our Whitefish Campus…

This weekend’s party

If I had a bucket list I could definitely scratch off, “Preach through a blizzard named Brutus in Bozeman.” That actually sounds worthy of being on a bucket list. And that is exactly what we did during Skull Church this weekend. We had no idea that the normally nice fall weather we typically enjoy this time of year was going to be disrupted by violent winds, crazy amounts of snow, single digit temperatures and icy freeways under weather and travel advisories throughout most of our outreach. To say that it was sketchy getting to Bozeman from across the state would be no exaggeration, but God got us here without any accidents, though we saw plenty of them. I didn’t even bring a proper winter jacket with me and froze for it…lesson learned.

Despite Brutus’ impact, we still had an amazing weekend of ministry. Releasing the Skull Church record and watching it take off was crazy fun. The two nights at the Emerson theater were beautiful. Hawk Nelson and Leeland were both extremely great to partner with and not only brought great music but had a heart to minister. In all we saw 58 people respond to the invitation and commit their lives to Christ! I met a group of students from Montana State University who received a flyer on campus and they came and gave their lives to Jesus the first night and came back the next with another friend who also responded to the invitation. I also heard a story of someone who gave their life to Christ at Skull Church Billings this summer and brought a friend to this event and saw them respond. There were parents who saw their children saved and siblings who watched brothers and sisters respond. It’s these kind of stories that are what it’s all about. It was my first time ever stepping foot in Bozeman and I gotta say how much I like the city. It has a really neat vibe and I am looking forward to coming back. And next time Brutus is officially not invited.

Here is the Skull Church Bozeman lookbook.

Skull church album update

Since the record released yesterday it has been amazing (and even surprising) to watch it take off and climb charts! We are blown away and thanking God for the chance to release these songs that are all about Jesus. Here is a little update and info on how you can get a single off the album for free!

When Darkness Shakes–available now!

Our very first music project is available for download right now! To celebrate it’s release God decided to dump a foot of snow on the state of Montana. Get your copy now on iTunes, Google, or Amazon and please leave a review!

Hard copies are still available at skullchurch.com. Also on our website you can also get one of the tracks, “Out of the dark” for immediate download if you will tweet about the record.


It all starts tomorrow

This is a huge weekend for us as a church! First of all are we releasing our very first album tomorrow. It’s a music project from Skull Church called When Darkness Shakes that will hit iTunes, Google Play, Amazon first thing tomorrow. Hard copies are available at skullchurch.com as well. To celebrate it’s release we did a 2 part radio special that airs today and tomorrow on fresh life audio, our radio show. The archive is available on the podcast here, it goes into the back story on the songs and you get to hear a sneak peak of a lot of the album. We are praying and believing God is going to use these songs as we they go out.

Tomorrow is also the first night of Skull Church Bozeman! For the next two nights we have taken over the Emerson Theater in the downtown of this amazing city for an evangelistic outreach. In addition to our own house band we will also be joined by Hawk Nelson on Friday and Leeland on night. We are working with many local churches in the area and are praying that many people come to know the Lord as the gospel goes out. Both of these two events will be webcast live at at 7pm MST. Pray about who you can invite to watch online with you and use it as an outreach wherever you are. And either way if you would help spread the word on the internetz once the stream goes live that would be amazing.

If all that weren’t enough…Sunday is also the one year anniversary of our Billings campus. And since Billings is two hours away from Bozeman, in the early morning hours after the final night of Skull Church we will be making that trip for a very special Sunday Morning worship experience at 10am at the Billings West high school. And we are bringing Leeland with us!

Like I said, it’s a huge weekend for us. Needless to say, this is all in addition to all the worship experiences that will be happening in Whitefish and Kalispell, so there will be outreach literally happening all across the state and beyond….So can I ask you to stop and pray for Montana? That God would pour out His Sprit and move in power so that those stranded in sin would find life and liberty in Jesus Christ! Thanks in advance for partnering with us in this way and make sure and buy the Skull Church record tomorrow, or better yet buy ten and give them out for Christmas!

Fresh Life Missoula

This weekend we announced plans to open a fresh life campus in Missoula, Montana! Our desire is to make Jesus famous and reach as many people with His love as we can; and we are thrilled by the opportunity to see that happen in this great city. Please join us in praying as we continue to plan and prepare for the opening of this, our fifth location. We believe that Jesus will build His church and no one can stop Him!