Liberty through Jesus for all


In case you haven’t heard, Harvest America is this weekend. On September 28 and 29 Greg Laurie will be preaching the gospel live from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This city was once the nation’s capitol, and I am praying it would be the epicenter of a brand new wave of revival and liberty that rings out across the whole country! Harvest America will be simulcast to more than 1,700 host locations and broadcast online and via live radio coverage nationwide. The potential reach of this event is literally in the millions.

There is no doubt our nation is in need of a spiritual awakening, and I am thankful that God has raised up Pastor Greg and the Harvest team for such a time as this. We live in a world groaning for redemption and full of people searching for hope, looking for meaning. That answer is the gospel of Jesus Christ, and that is exactly what Harvest America is all about. Last year more than 15,000 people made decisions for Christ, and we are believing God for even greater things this weekend.

At Fresh Life we count it an incredible honor to be a part of this event for the second consecutive year. We’ll be streaming Harvest America on our radio stations and hosting events in the Flathead Valley, Billings and Missoula. Greg Laurie has been anointed by the Lord to preach the gospel in an incredible, down to earth way. I have had the honor of serving with him as host at Harvest Crusades for the past seven years and it is a remarkable thing to watch God use him so powerfully.

Visit for more details, or to find an event near you and don’t forget to invite and bring people to attend, watch online or listen on the radio.  Through Instagram posts, tweets, status updates and #harvestamerica hashtags you can leverage your influence to spread the word.  Most importantly, lets stand together with Greg as he preaches the gospel by praying for him. (Ephesians 6:19)

R13 Albuquerque


This November there is an exciting conference happening all across the country — the 2013 Resurgence. Pastors Mark Driscoll, Greg Laurie, Rick Warren, James MacDonald and more will all be speaking live from Seattle. Because Seattle is a long way to go for some people, and the building has a limited number of seats,  they have made this a multi-site, multi-city event. There are going to be broadcast locations spread out across the country that will be playing the feed from Seattle with live music at each location.

Additionally, there will be a speaker at each venue that you can only hear by going to the geographic-specific site. Pastor Judah Smith will be at one, Pastor Bob Coy at another and so on. I will be preaching live at the Mars Hill Albuquerque conference and I am looking forward to it greatly. I have learned so much from Pastor Mark over the years and I am grateful for and inspired by the way he assembles leaders from across a variety of platforms to share their wisdom and experience. If you live in the Rocky Mountain region I hope you can make it to the New Mexico event! Details here.

The first 30 people to use promo code LUSKO50 will receive 50% off their ticket to the Albuquerque event!


Skull Church Helena


We are so excited to be heading to Helena for two nights of Skull Church in October! Helena is the capitol of Montana and although our television program, Fresh Life Tv, is on there each week, this is the first time we are getting to have boots on the ground in this city and we couldn’t be more thrilled. We will be taking over the Fairgrounds for this weekend of ministry and we are bringing Britt Nicole and Family Force 5 with us.

Both nights will be webcast live so you can join in no matter where you live. Get more info at Please pray that God will move powerfully in people’s lives!

Happy Birthday Lenya


I’ve always thought she had the coolest birthday. September 8, 2007. When you just use numbers it becomes 9-8-7. How rad is that? I don’t know anyone whose date of birth is a countdown. It was always so easy to remember when filling out forms or booking airplane tickets. 9-8-7. I told her once that no matter how many kids we had or how challenging it became to remember all the different date of births I would never be able to forget hers.

Today is 9-8-13. That means Lenya would turn six years old today, if she were still in our space and time. I don’t know how old she is in heaven, or how old she will appear to be when I get there. I have heard some suggest that since Jesus went to Heaven at 33 we will all be that age. If thats true then since I am 31 Lenya would be older than me! She would get a kick out of that. Of course, we have no way of knowing.

What I do know is that I miss her so much today. My reservoir of tears which ran dry several months ago is once again full and flowing. Waves of sorrow have been hitting me in the weeks leading up to this day when I instinctively would feel the need to begin purchasing gifts for her, help Jennie with party planning or consult the birthday girl as to what the menu for her breakfast in bed was going to be.

It is such a difficult and clumsy thing to face this day without the guest of honor here. I want to tell her happy birthday. To wake her up with the whole family singing loudly in her bedroom and watching her sleepy little face beam to see everyone in on it as we march around her room with a plate of her favorite breakfast foods topped with birthday candles. I want to ooh and aah as she comes downstairs dressed to the nines in her birthday outfit. To celebrate her all day long, speaking words to honor and bless her at every turn. Watching her open presents and envelopes with checks from relatives far away. To listen to her laugh and play with her friends at her party, taking pictures of all the fun.

I love being a dad. I love being Lenya’s dad. As hard as it is to be separated from her today, it gives me great comfort to remember that Jesus is in me and she is with Him. She is experiencing fullness of joy and pleasures evermore in His presence, and I am filled with the same Spirit that rose Christ from the dead — so there is a connection. She is in heavenly places, but I am seated there. I think that means my name is sitting on a space at the table. I can’t wait to join her. I have a backlog of hugs and snuggles I fully intend to deliver and I’m counting down the days. Until then, Happy Birthday Lenya!

The first time I ever held Lenya, six years ago today.

photo 1
Celebrating her fifth birthday.

secret sauce

Unquestionably, one of the most important things we do as a church is the way we meet in houses, apartments, and coffee shops across the state of Montana for conversation, laughter, bible-study and prayer. Our larger gatherings on the weekend get more attention. They are louder and flashier — we have people travel from different parts of the country to attend these worship experiences all the time — but there is no way that Fresh Life would be the church it is if it weren’t for our small groups.

It is the low-key and conversational nature of the groups that lend themselves to discipleship, life-change, and real growth. It is in these settings that the aha! moments from the weekend are knit into the warp and woof of daily life. Friendships are forged and strangers become like blood. Anytime other pastors or leaders ask me for input, if they don’t have an aggressive and intentional approach to community, this is the very first suggestion I make.

Here is a fun little video that we recently used to create interest in Fresh Life Groups.