The Naked Eye

Seeing the invisible you can do the impossible. If we only look at what we can see with the naked eye, we will lose heart. But if we believe not just what we can see is there, but what God says is there: we will receive incredible power.

What are you going to look at when you see problems in life? You’re going to look at these problems, and you’re going to remember: God has a plan. You’re going to look at your problems and automatically believe and assume that He is working things together for your good. When you look at things with the naked eye, not so much. But when you look at things through the lens of faith you won’t be discouraged because you’ll remember that He has a plan.

How about when you experience pain? When you experience pain, you’re going to believe that God is going to give you great power because it is a grace to suffer. Along with suffering comes the grace to go through it and to get something out of it. God is going to do great things through the pain you’ve experienced. You’re not alone in the midst of it. The same God who walked with Adam in the cool of the day, is the same God that will walk you through what you’re going through. You can say, “I know that you’re with me. I am not alone and I will fear no evil, even here in the valley of the shadow of death.”