a beautiful day

The services were killer at church today. First of all, Montana got hit by random snowstorms friday and saturday but today it was sunny and blue skies except all the trees were all “Narnia’d” out of their minds. I taught from Luke 24 where Jesus walks with two disciples on the road to Emmaus after rising from the dead, but they don’t recognize him. They are super bummed because Jesus is dead and their hope is lost.  Although He is incognito, Jesus basically gives the most ripping sermon of all time showing how the Messiah had to die to redeem mankind. Then they invite Him in but if they hadn’t they would have missed out because he would have just kept cruising. At dinner He prayed and they could suddenly tell who He was, and He disappears.  They are blown away and realize how their hearts were on fire when He was sharing the scriptures with them and they rush out to share the good news with others. Wild. 

I gave an opportunity at second service for people who want to invite Christ in to their hearts, many people over a dozen raised their hands. Then we gave an opportunity for them to come forward publicly and a few did, but many did not. God spoke to my heart that others were too afraid and I just simply said–perfect love casts out all fear, if your heart is burning like the disciples were when Jesus spoke to them, God is speaking to you and you need to just go for it.  Give your life to Christ, NOW! All of a sudden, people started to trickle down the aisles one at a time and by the time we prayed there were 15 people up there making professions of faith in Christ. What a beautiful day.