a different kind of pulpit

I am thrilled to return to teaching on Easter Sunday. What a day! By far the superbowl of the Christian calendar. That illustration almost seems crass, the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the most radical and awesome event that has ever happened and by no means deserves to be compared to a beer drinking, pigskin throwing, ten million dollar per commercial, televised event. It is, however, the most viewed activity on the planet each year. But Jesus’ resurrection is the event that of any deserves the attention and worship of all of mankind. It gives hope to us who will all one day die. Because He rose, we can have assurance that death will not be the end for us either. What a day to preach, what wonderful news to be able to proclaim! Sadly, I will not be able to stand. For a week and a half I have only been able to lounge. Sitting is difficult unless I am reclined so even a wheelchair would be difficult. I had my guys work on a teaching setup that would replicate being propped up in bed or sitting on a couch. A few hours later I got a call to open up the web to a private webcast they were broadcasting for me. There was my assistant pastor, Coy demonstrating how a guy with a damaged leg could easily and comfortably preach from the stage at Fresh Life now. I called him, laughing and said–that’s comfortable Christianity at it’s finest! We’ll I usually teach the midweek sitting on a stool, but this is a whole different level. Hey, I would be willing to teach from a swimming pool–I am just excited to go to church.