Audiobook Recording: Behind the Scenes

If you aren’t much of a reader and are wondering if I would sit next to you in your car and read “Through The Eyes of a Lion” to you, this is the next best thing. Instead of using a narrator or voice actor I did the reading for the audiobook personally. It was harder than I thought it would be (considering I speak all the time) but I am so happy I chose to do it and really think it came out well.

The most difficult part was sitting absolutely still. Even the rustling of clothing or my tongue hitting my teeth too hard would cause the producer or engineer to come in on my headphones and have me start the sentence over again. (I think I read the book 3x in totality.) There would also be the occasional jet that would fly overhead or semi truck rumbling by that would come in on the super sensitive recording equipment and cause us to have to stop. Did I mention that a fly got stuck in the recording booth with me one time and the buzzing was being recorded? Fortunately the engineer had ninja reflexes and literally caught it with his bare hands. It was a crazy three days in Nashville that’s for sure.

But the biggest thing that stood out to me as I read the book out loud was how much I believe in the message, that it will help people. And my heart was filled with how thankful I am for Lenya’s life and the way the Lord gave us strength in such weak moments. I can’t wait for you to hear it!

You can buy the audio book here.

(Here is a little video I shot from the studio in Nashville where we did the recording):