behind the scenes

a peak into the filming of the most recent announcement video.  it was shot at big mountain on a snowy and cold day.  Eric actually almost got frostbite during the chairlift ride because he wasn't wearing gloves so he wouldn't drop the camera.  the things we do for movies…you can view this vid and more on youtube

First time in missoula

I made it to Missoula after a year of living in Montana. And like a
moth to the flame I found my way to the green mermaid in this tin

Packing up fresh life

we have been so blessed by this first year of ministry in montana being at the 111 main street building. Bob and Kelly Osborne have been such a rad part of what God has done, and we are so thankful for them allowing the church to be born here. the ministry at the building is not done and neither is the great coffee downstairs at the overflowing cup.

Last Sunday on main street

So glad my dad was able to come teach on this significant day. He has taught me so much about the heart of the Lord and his message on being the Lord’s friend was awesome. I am so glad to have him as a friend!