Preaching Off of The iPad – UPDATE

Teaching on the iPad from Levi Lusko on Vimeo.

*update* If you are on an iPad or an iPhone here is a link to watch the vid on the vimeo mobile page. HTML-5 for eva!

heaven and earth

D.L. Moody, the great 19th century evangelist, said: “One day you will open the paper and read that D. L. Moody is dead. Don’t you believe it! In that day I will be more alive than I have ever been before… I was born of the flesh in 1837, I was born of the Spirit in 1855. That which is born of the flesh may die. That which is born of the Spirit shall live forever.” Since that is true for the believer, one year ago today my friend, Christopher Laurie, became more alive than ever before when his earthly life ended and he entered into the presence of the Lord. Continue reading…

Phil Wickham at Skull Church

My good friend, Phil Wickham, showed up and played a few songs at skull church tonight. Then after the service was over, he did a whole worship set and it was off the charts. Continue reading…

Awesome testimony from Skull Church

This week we saw 16 people make professions of faith in Christ at skull church. That night I saw this comment that was left on the skull church fan page on Continue reading…

A whole new side of skull church

Here is the most recent skull church service archive. Unlike our Sunday video, which we release immediately, we are taking a little time to clean up the skull church video before it goes out. God has really been blessing this outreach and each week we have seen capacity crowds and people make decisions for Christ. The study we have been going through is on death and surrounding events.
Continue reading…

Why hasn’t God told us when Jesus is coming back?

watch on Youtube

Watch last week’s skull church service

Tonight is week 2 of our new series, The Bloody Death of Jesus Christ, at skull church. I am going to be speaking about Jesus’ religious trials that He faced. After being arrested He stood trial before Annas, the former high priest, then Caiaphas and the Sanhedrin, both of these trials were illegally conducted and took place in the night. Then quickly he faced the Sanhedrin again in a cover-up trial just after sunrise the next day. In trying Christ the Jewish legal body broke every law in their book exposing their prejudice and animosity. But as we know, what man meant for evil, God used for good.

happy fathers day

I am so thankful for my dad, Chip Lusko. He was the best man in my wedding and lives up to that title in every sense of the word. When I was a little kid his nickname for me was, “Levi major buddy guy.” And I absolute loved being his buddy, and still do. I have great memories of fishing trips, (whether we ever caught anything or not is not important) Denver Bronco games, and washing the car on Saturday mornings. Since he is in the ministry I grew up as a pastor’s kid and from the youngest age I wanted to be a pastor just like my dad. I even earned the nickname MicroChip because I would follow him around the church on Sundays as a little boy. I love and value his advice, example, and friendship to this day. Here is a shot from a day when we preached a sermon together a few years ago. Happy fathers day dad!

Pirate Preaching

On June 17th, 2006, exactly 3 years ago, I preached a message at Ocean Hills Church, in Southern California, on Jesus’ journey to Golgotha to be executed. In the sermon I called attention to the fact that Jesus died at the place of the Skull and in it I said something to the effect of, Some day I’d like to start a skull church. I looked back and the line was even in my sermon notes. (Here it is pasted in as I had it written down: “I Kind of want to start a church/ call it skull church and have a logo on it.” I think I meant that it would have a skull logo on it) Little did I know that three years later, to the day, I would preach at Skull Church’s first service in Kalispell, Montana (of all places) and that there would be internet viewers watching from Texas, California, Brazil and New Zealand. It was rad, standing room only, the oveflows were packed to capacity and the place was full of energy. Best of all, 10 people responded to the invitation and made decisions to follow Christ!

We didn’t plan for the date to be on the birthday of the first skull sermon I preached, in fact we didn’t even make the connection until, in a spontaneous fit of nostalgia, I dug up the message last night . It struck me that God had brought a vision, that He had put into my heart, to life. I thought of Acts 2:17, which says, β€˜In the last days,’ God says, β€˜I will pour out my Spirit upon all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams. It didn’t exactly happen how or where I thought it would but God makes everything beautiful in it’s time. So don’t be afraid to have vision, and dream big!

The skull church podcasts and video archive will be available on a one week delay from the day they are recorded so look out for it next week.

Skull Church Launches Tonight!