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It was an absolute dream come true to be able to travel to Europe to preach the Gospel earlier this summer. We have seen people from other countries come to know Jesus through our ministry over the years after watching live webcasts or listening to an episode of our podcast; but being able to put on evangelistic events on foreign soil was an absolute thrill and honor.

Skull Church has been a platform to preach the Gospel since the first event took place in 2009. The bloody death of Jesus Christ and His power over death is what it is all about. Later this fall we will be going on a tour that will take us through several states but up until this point, with one exception, we haven’t really gone outside of Montana. So to go to England and Hungary was a major step of faith and a joy.

Preaching in the beautiful city of Budapest was something I was a little stressed about, since preaching through a translator is something I have only done on a few occasions and Hungarian is one of the most difficult languages on earth. The upside is that you have the time to gather your thoughts while they are translating but you are constantly having to rethink whether humor will come across and if a phrase has an equivalent in their paradigm. It ended up going well.

England was of course much easier as they sort of own English. To the British we are the ones with an accent, and are seen as having butchered their language. No translation was needed and I had a blast ministering there. It was absolutely wonderful to hear people calling on the name of Jesus in Hungarian and with a British accent. It gave me chills. The gospel is powerful no matter what nation you are in. Jesus is the only name that can save in any language.

In addition the the Skull Church events I also preached at a pastor’s conference with leaders who had assembled from all over England, Scotland and Ireland. It was a massive honor to address them and encourage them to keep going and not grow weary. We also were able to bring a little fresh life to York as we took over the weekend services at my friend Pastor Dave Sylvester’s church on a Sunday morning. It was a great pleasure for me to see our team serve so faithfully, through the jetlag. Some of them had never left the country before and I love the opportunities that God opens up for us as we follow Him. Never a dull moment.

I truly believe that this was just the tip of the spear as it comes to the international future God has in store for Skull Church, and specifically in Europe. Now that we have done it once we have learned our footing a bit, and made some mistakes on the way. I am hungry to do it again and to see what the Lord will do.

Here is the Skull Church Europe lookbook:







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Skull Church goes to Europe


This year marks the fifth anniversary since Skull Church was born. The first one took place in Kalispell, Montana in 2009. We have seen God use these explicitly evangelistic events in many places and great ways since then. This summer we are so excited to be taking it out of the country for the first time as we go to Europe! On June 28 and 29 we will be having two nights in York, England and on July 1 we will be in Budapest, Hungary.

We are thrilled at the opportunity to preach the gospel to those who will come and believing God will use these events in a major way. Please join with us in prayer!

Details about the events and our fall tour here.

O2 Texas, New Mexico and Colorado


In the 10 years of the O2 Experience’s history we have never done two tours in a year, we have also never had a tornado scare while setting up for an event. I suppose there is a first time for everything. Back in January we kicked off the new year with a tour of Florida, and last week we made our way from Texas through New Mexico to Colorado which is where we had the tornado scare.

Hearing sirens go off and getting National Weather Service alerts on your phone telling you to “Take Shelter Now” made sure the trip was eventful. There was also golfball size hail denting cars and airplanes in Denver as we made our way towards the city. Fortunately everything passed without incident and nobody was hurt. If there is one thing I have discovered about serving the Lord it is this: There is never a dull moment. This tour certainly lived up that expectation.

Between the wild weather and part of our road crew breaking down in the badlands of New Mexico — a part of the country you definitely don’t want to be broke down in — and the sickness that spread through our team just as the tour was set to kick off, we certainly had plenty to keep us on our toes. The four events in Dallas, Houston, Albuquerque, and Denver were incredible.

We enjoyed working with the churches that hosted and supported the event, and had fun exploring their cities. The events were powerful and supercharged by the Holy Spirit. Best of all we saw many, many people give their lives to Jesus and an enormous uprising of those committing themselves to strength and honor as they pursue God’s plans for their sex lives. Many who rose up in response did so with much behind them they would undo if they could, but that is what the O2 is all about. Redemption. Hope. Reconciliation. Beauty from Ashes. That’s how our God rolls.

I am so full of gratitude that God allows me to be a part of what He is doing through these events and am endlessly thankful for our team that pursues this vision, heart and soul.

Here is the lookbook from this tour:





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10 years of Oxygen


Ten years ago today we were in full swing planning and preparing for what would be the first event called The O2 Experience. I was a youth pastor in Albuquerque, New Mexico and the vision was for a state-wide event geared at reaching as many people as possible with the message of sexual purity. Jennie and I had just gotten married and God had spoken to us (about as clearly as He ever has spoken to me in my life) about this while we were on our honeymoon in Hawaii. We felt burdened to warn this generation about just what is at stake when we abandon God’s designs for our sexuality.

When I say warn I don’t mean just that they might get an STD or pregnant, though those are certainly an issue and a part of what we talk about. In my experience consequence driven communication is not very effective if that is all you have to say. People aren’t looking for rules to live by, they are hungry for a reason to live for. The message burning on my heart isn’t “Don’t sin!” but rather, “Rise up and change this world for Jesus!” The warning I am referring to is that this calling on their lives to shine brightly and reach people can’t be unleashed fully without holiness. Our strength and sanctification are connected. Simply put, you cannot be powerful with out being sexually pure.

I feel not only strongly that I am supposed to give this message and put these events on, I feel that it would be sin to be silent. I feel that God will require the blood of those I am meant to reach from me if I don’t speak up. So for these past 10 years we have criss-crossed the country, from Montana to Florida, and from Colorado to California. The events have changed enormously in that time. Thinking back to the first one in 2004 that we put on it pains me to remember how ghetto it was. (Cringe.) Thankfully, in spite of our rookie status at production God moved in great ways. True to the original vision thousands drove from not only all over New Mexico to attend, we even had some youth groups bus in from surrounding states.


We returned to Albuquerque, where it all started, and had an event in the same room where the first one took place. Very special. Thankfully we have learned a thing or two over the years and the events have become fine-tuned and fully-loaded. The biggest change was in 2007 when we expanded it from just focusing on relationships by adding an explicitly evangelistic focus to the O2 Experience. That was when we began describing and approaching it as “a fresh look at life, death, sex and romance.” From that point on things really clicked. It was as though our airplane finally had both wings and we could take off.


Looking back over the past ten years and the events in all the cities I am blown away thinking about the thousands we have seen give their lives to Jesus and rise up in strength and honor, embracing God’s plans for their love lives. It is humbling to be a part of it and I can’t wait to see what is around the corner—starting tomorrow night when we finish this anniversary tour with an event in the mile high city, Denver, Colorado. Purity is worth fighting for!

For more information about the O2 Experience or to request an event in your city, please visit www.o2experience.com.

A glimpse of an incredible weekend

Highlight reel from Easter weekend at fresh life. Incredible to look back at what God did.

Skull Church Majestic

The first skull church event of the year is tonight at 7pm MST in Kalispell and live online!

10 years of Levi and Jennie


Ten years ago today Jennie and I were married! It is exciting to have reached this milestone and have spent a decade together. I really can’t believe she married me in the first place, and the spell hasn’t worn off a bit. In fact, my love for her has only grown as I have watched her become more and more the woman Jesus wants her to be.

In the book of Genesis there is a man named Jacob who had to wait and work for seven years before he could marry Rachel, the woman of his dreams, but he didn’t mind. The seven years seemed as only a few days to him because of the love he had for her. When you love someone the things you do for them are a joy not a sacrifice. I can’t help but relate as I think back on these ten years. Time has passed quickly, difficult things have been diluted and joy has been enhanced by her presence in my life.

Not that it’s been easy. Uprooting from the city and pioneering a multi-site church in rural America, a demanding schedule of outreach events, an allergy to complacency and having four kids along the way has kept our calendar packed and our life wild. Friction and conflict are frequent realities. Jennie and I have a great marriage today, but it’s not by accident and it didn’t happen on it’s own. We have worked hard and fought for it. We have invested in our friendship, cultivated it and as a result we get to enjoy the fruit.

On the one year anniversary of Lenya going to Heaven Jennie and I were standing in the cemetery holding each other and Alivia took a photo of the two of us. When I looked at it later it hit me that this is not what anyone has in mind when they dream about marriage. You usually think about all your plans for the future coming to pass. Thats why looks, chemistry, money, and things you have in common, are ranked so highly.

There’s nothing wrong with any of those things of course, but how will they be when life goes worse instead of better? I know that back when we were dating I never pictured us shedding tears over the grave of a child together. I pictured us kissing on the top of the Empire State Building and preaching the gospel ’til our last breath, our kids beside us like little arrows.

The highest praise I can give to Jennie is that it has been an honor to suffer with her. It’s not the good times that show what is really inside, it takes pain filled moments to reveal character, and she has suffered magnificently. As it turns out our dreams and nightmares have come to pass together. We have kissed 102 floors above the twinkling lights of Manhattan, done ministry across the country together AND cried until we ran out of tears when one of our little arrows flew unexpectedly to heaven. In it all it has been a privilege to do so as the husband of Mrs. Jennie Lusko. There is no one I would want to hurt with, laugh with, scheme with, cry with, trail-blaze with, hold onto hope with or get old with more than her.

Then and Now


This weekend we visited our newest fresh life campus in Bozeman, Montana. It is amazing to see what Jesus is doing in that city. We have had a packed house and a growing church since day one, and people are coming to know Christ each week. The city is also very near to our hearts as a family because a month before Lenya went to heaven we traveled there for a skull church event in the city. It was the last time we went on a ministry trip together as a family of six.

Whenever we return to the city there are Lenya memories everywhere. Naturally there is some sadness, but overwhelmingly it is a very happy place for me. It was sixteen months ago that we were there with her but standing in the candy store where she had picked up a giant lollipop or the restaurant where she got a temporary tattoo of a bacon-and-egg skull and cross bones brings memories of her flooding back like they were yesterday.

It is crazy how much Lenya’s sisters have grown. Clover was just a baby back then. Daisy was the age Clover is now. And Alivia is shooting up like she’s made of bamboo. The empty space where Lenya would be in the “now” photo makes me wonder what she would look like today at six and-a-half. How tall she would be? Would she be gaining on Liv? And then I wonder what she is like in Heaven. The Bible says, “It is not yet revealed what we will be,” but this I do know for sure,“when we see Him we will be like Him.” (1 John 3:2) So I will have to keep using my imagination until that day.

As I look at these two pictures, from then and now, it occurs to me that when you take a photo you never know what life will look like a year later. That is why it is so important to not take anything for granted. Savor the little things. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Life must be intentionally cherished as it races by. You won’t find time for what matters most. You must make time.

Hey Texas, New Mexico and Colorado…


We are coming your way this May! We will be starting in Dallas and making our way to Denver with four O2 Experience events. We are partnering with some amazing churches and are praying for God to do some MAJOR things! If you would like more info, would like to request promo materials, or your church would like to participate in any of these events click here.

We’re going to England

This summer we are crossing the pond for a two-night Skull Church event and an O2 Experience in the United Kingdom. We have never done either one  outside of the United States and we are  fired up to be heading to Great Britain for our inaugural international outing! Skull Church will be taking place June 28 and 29 in York and the O2 Experience on July 1 in Hastings. Please keep these events in prayer, they will be here before you know it!