Awesome God Story

It is always a blessing when people respond to the gospel, whether it is one or fifty they each have a unique story about what brought them to that moment of response. It is always a blessing to hear what God has done in their life. People write us at the church regularly to share their God story and I never tire of hearing what God has been up to.
After we had the event with Greg Laurie and Phil Wickham we received several amazing testimonies by email. I wanted to share one of them with you all, it came from a family with a Jehovah’s Witness background, the wife had come out of it but her husband had not:

On January 27th my sister said “I heard about this new church called Fresh Life, should we check it out?” And so Fresh Life is where we went that Sunday morning. I will never forget the shock I felt when my two kids raised their hands and came forward at the end of the service. They had given their lives to Christ. I fell to my knees in thanksgiving! We continued to go to Fresh Life, the kids and I always sharing with my husband the things that we learned. I don’t want to make my husband out to be a monster, he is a good guy. But I never…ever….ever thought that he would give his life to Christ. I prayed, but I suppose I prayed without much faith. We asked him to attend the Greg Laurie event on March 12th. He agreed! We were one of the last admitted to the 5:30 service. We stood in the isle and as Greg asked those to raise their hand if they would like to accept Christ as their saviour, I was compelled to do so. I was a bit confused at the compulsion, but felt it strongly. I said in my heart “Christ I have already given my life to you, accepted you as my saviour, why should I do this?” And then Gregsaid, “even if you have already given your life to Christ, but would like to do so publicly… That was ME! Through so many services I had wanted to come forward, to receive prayer, but something held me back. I turned to my husband and said “I have never done this publicly and would like to…” He said “Go ahead!” and smiled. I did. I walked forward, trembling, all the time still praying for my husbands heart to be opened to the Spirit. And then I felt someone holding my hand. I turned to see my husband standing next to me. I was in utter disbelief! Shame on me for doubting our Amazing God. It all made sense. I didn’t come forward before, because now at this time, I was able to come forward and accept Christ alongside my husband. Amazing. I wanted to fall on my face in thanksgiving, but didn’t want to scare my husband away, so stayed standing lol. So there you have it. And entire family accepting Christ as saviour. My son and daughter on their first visit to Fresh Life, and my husband on his first visit. I would call that, the amazing work of the Holy Spirit!

How about you? what is your God Story in a thumbnail? Share it in the comments section, I would be stoked to hear it.