Beautiful day in Montana

At least that’s how it looks out the windows. I am definitely getting cabin fever. I have spent all but probably 13 minutes in doors for the past 11 days and the vast majority of the time I have been flat on my back. I have to walk around the house on crutches every couple hours because I am at risk of blood clots, because of the amount of blood and bone marrow I lost into my leg. Today as I look with longing out the windows the sun is shining, the wind is swaying the trees and I can see snow in the distance on the mountain tops. What I wouldn’t give to zip up a light jacket, throw on some shades and take a long walk. More realistically I will choose between watching a DVD or reading. The big excitement of the evening will be whether I hang out on the couch or in the bedroom. I realize that for some people endless hours relaxing seems heavenly but I am losing my mind. My normal life is pretty much perpetually lived in fast forward. I don’t think I have ever sat around so much. From what I hear from my parents, ever since birth I have been busy and on the go. I learned how to ski at the age of two and spent most of my youth as a cross between Calvin and Hobbes and Dennis the Menace. When my dad would spank me he used to always give me one extra swat and tell me it was for the things I had done that he didn’t know about. By the time I reached the age eighteen I had more than a dozen stamps in my passport. I love variety, spontaneity, and unpredictability, my wife would tell you I am trying to keep the world on it’s toes. So this domestic incarceration is definitely challenging my wild nature. I feel like a lion at the zoo. But the Lord is good and I am trying to learn as much as I can while He has me benched. Today, in Psalm 84 God was showing me how He wants worshipers to set their hearts on pilgrimage, to be always looking for a spiritual adventure. Just as I have been sitting around the house physically it can be easy to slip into a lethargic kind of Christianity. But God wants to challenge the status quo and keep us setting our hearts on what’s next. To never be content being “couped up” in the same old lessons and experiences but strive after fresh revelation. This won’t happen on it’s own, by nature water seeks it’s own level and our flesh keeps us taking the path of least resistance. It takes a dynamic decision of the “inner man” to choose the higher ground, new paths that are far more difficult but once blazed will unlock breathtaking views of the heart of God. I also love the challenge to be “zealous for the fear of the Lord all the day.” So that’s my challenge for the day, even though I am forced to recline my heart can still be running after the Lord. I am also so thankful to have been at the church services yesterday. Teaching while heavily medicated was a whole new adventure! I certainly blame the medication for the comment I made when the baby, that had somehow gotten into the 9am service, cried and I said “Somebody didn’t get the memo.” I don’t think I would have ever been quite so blunt under normal circumstances. Altogether it was an awesome day, many responses to the invitations at both services. One mother and daughter came forward together, it was particularly touching to watch. If you didn’t get a chance to go, you can see the service here.
What’s funny is that driving in I was lying across the backseat supported on pillows and I remember being out of breath from being lifted into the SUV and saying, “I can’t do this today, what am I thinking?” But it all went great. My life verse for ministry has been from 2 Corinthians where God tells Paul, “My grace is sufficient for you, My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Time and time again I have presented God with a very weak vessel and God has shown Himself strong. The result is quite simply very rocking.