Bowing before the battle

Yesterday we were exactly one week away from the first skull church event of the year. I felt lead to call the church to come together (despite some wild winter weather) and ask for God’s favor on the outreach. If there is one thing I have learned in ministry it is that you don’t want to go out in the power of the flesh. On your own you will be about as effective in battle as Samson with a bowl-cut. (John 15:5) Many people chose to fast and pray throughout the day, and as we assembled as one we declared our weakness and embraced God’s strength.

We prayed, asking Him to rend the heavens and come down; lighting up this city and beyond with His love. We sang, (loudly) celebrating what we believe He is going to do. We left sensing the reality that the victory is already ours–the battle belongs to the Lord!

Someone texted this photo in to our website of last night’s rally and when I saw all the arms raised high in surrender I couldn’t help but think of the now legendary words spoken to D.L. Moody by Henry Varley. He told him that, “The world has yet to see what God will do with and for and through and in and by the man who is fully consecrated to Him.” And withinin Dwight’s heart came the response, “I will be that man.”

I don’t know what will happen next week or completely understand what the Lord has in store for the future of skull church (I have dreams) but I do know that God always gives His best to those who let Him write up the deal. And I am certain that as we move forward as an army, into all that God has for us, we will advance on our knees–for that is where the power comes from.

Zechariah 4:6 Then he said to me, “This is what the LORD says to Zerubbabel: It is not by force nor by strength, but by my Spirit, says the LORD of Heaven’s Armies.