Bread & Circuses


We are beginning a new series this weekend at fresh life. Be forewarned, it involves scary clowns.

The messages that I will be giving have been in the works for a long time but they mean even more to me now. In the past 49 days since my daughter went to heaven I have been learning so much that has deepened my understanding about these truths. The themes we will be exploring have been brought to a boil in my heart and are raring to be released.

We have put together a page where you can easily post about the series and send e-vites. If that wasn’t enough of a pitch, it does have an animated elephant gif balancing on a ball. Check it out here. As you pray about who to invite I’ll tell you this, the first message is explicitly evangelistic so it will be a really great opportunity to invite and bring people who need to hear the gospel.