California Freezing

I am in the middle of a wild storm at a retreat in the mountains of California. Chains were just made mandatory on the winding road up here. The winds are gusting so much that while I was preaching tonight the power cut out four times and once a mighty, rushing wind blew open some of the windows in the auditorium. (Fortunately it was at an intense spot in my message and I was able to play it off like it was just the Holy Spirit.) I can’t help but find it ironic that I flew on two airplanes from Montana only to freeze in a storm in Southern California. And of course I left all my warm clothes at home and only brought a light jacket! doht.

Weather complaints aside, tonight it was a huge honor to speak to a group of high school students on a winter camp. Fourteen years ago I attended a camp at a lake when God got a hold of my heart and I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed at the thought of what God might be brewing in some of these teenager’s lives. I told them that had God told me, fourteen years ago, what He wanted to do through me, I wouldn’t have believed Him. I only knew that I needed to come to Christ. Even though I had grown up in church, I needed to be born again. I told them this and challenged them that if the Lord tarries and they would follow Him fully there is no telling the history-altering, earth-changing, kingdom-shaking things God would do through them. At the invitation we saw twenty-five respond, making public professions of faith in Christ!

I have one more session early tomorrow morning where I will be challenging them to aggressively pursue the calling God has on their lives, with vision and tenacity. The world has yet to see what God could do with a heart fully surrendered to Him! And then I will be flying back to Montana. This weekend we are in Ruth 3 in our Happily Ever After series. My message is titled, “Sleepless in Bethlehem.” And we will see Ruth propose to Boaz, in the middle of the night, on a threshing floor. It’s a great passage and it will be great for everyone, especially those who are single but moving closer to the point where marriage is hopefully in the not too distant future.