Liberty through Jesus for all


In case you haven’t heard, Harvest America is this weekend. On September 28 and 29 Greg Laurie will be preaching the gospel live from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This city was once the nation’s capitol, and I am praying it would be the epicenter of a brand new wave of revival and liberty that rings out across the whole country! Harvest America will be simulcast to more than 1,700 host locations and broadcast online and via live radio coverage nationwide. The potential reach of this event is literally in the millions.

There is no doubt our nation is in need of a spiritual awakening, and I am thankful that God has raised up Pastor Greg and the Harvest team for such a time as this. We live in a world groaning for redemption and full of people searching for hope, looking for meaning. That answer is the gospel of Jesus Christ, and that is exactly what Harvest America is all about. Last year more than 15,000 people made decisions for Christ, and we are believing God for even greater things this weekend.

At Fresh Life we count it an incredible honor to be a part of this event for the second consecutive year. We’ll be streaming Harvest America on our radio stations and hosting events in the Flathead Valley, Billings and Missoula. Greg Laurie has been anointed by the Lord to preach the gospel in an incredible, down to earth way. I have had the honor of serving with him as host at Harvest Crusades for the past seven years and it is a remarkable thing to watch God use him so powerfully.

Visit for more details, or to find an event near you and don’t forget to invite and bring people to attend, watch online or listen on the radio.  Through Instagram posts, tweets, status updates and #harvestamerica hashtags you can leverage your influence to spread the word.  Most importantly, lets stand together with Greg as he preaches the gospel by praying for him. (Ephesians 6:19)

Meeting Billy Graham


Last week Jennie and I were given the opportunity to meet Billy Graham. We traveled to his mountainside home in North Carolina and were honored to sit down in his kitchen and spend some time with him. I’m not kidding when I say that there is not a single person on earth that I would be more excited to meet and talk to. He has preached the gospel to more people than anyone in human history. Hundreds and hundreds of millions have heard the good news because of him. Amazing.

Yet through all the historic crusades, counseling presidents, heads of state, and being considered, year after year, one of the most influential people alive, he has remained humble and driven by the simple desire to focus all the attention on the man in the glory — Jesus Christ. Even more amazing. He grew up the son of a dairy farmer and is a testimony to what God can do through a life that is fully yielded to Him and to His word.

As a young pastor and evangelist I have been greatly impacted by him. I vividly remember getting to attend one of his crusades for the first time. It was on my birthday my sophomore year of high school and I was thrilled to hear him preach in person. All these years later I still watch his messages regularly. It is part of my Skull Church warmup routine. I have many memories of sitting with Alivia and Lenya on those mornings watching grainy, vintage black and white footage that was shot at some of the historic crusades. His booming voice coming through the ages as fiery and powerful today as it was when it was first recorded.

Billy is 94 years old. He has fought the good fight for many, many decades — and he continues to still. He just finished writing a book on the subject of salvation that will release soon. While we were there he was picking out the cover. His beloved wife Ruth, who is a heroine to Jennie, is in Heaven. It was a joy for us to not only talk about Fresh Life and our desire to follow in his footsteps through preaching the gospel at Skull Church events, but to reflect on the hope of the resurrection, the reality of Heaven and the joys awaiting us that Lenya and Ruth are experiencing now. It was very special and an experience that I will treasure all my days. The opportunity for us to meet him came just before Lenya went to Heaven. We leapt at the chance at the time, and it meant even more to us in light of her sudden departure.

I am so thankful to Wil Graham, Billy’s grandson, who is an evangelist and a man of God and has become a great friend. He hosted us at their training center, The Cove, showed us all around Montreat, N.C. and told us so many amazing stories about “Daddy Bill.” It was a joy for our family to spend time with him, his lovely wife Kendra and their kids.

If you are ever in North Carolina, you for sure need to visit the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte. It tells the story of what God has done through his life and ministry. It is very well done and so inspiring.


A huge weekend for America

If you haven’t heard the news, Harvest America is just days away. Greg Laurie will be preaching the gospel at Angels Stadium in Anaheim, California and it will be simulcast to over 1,700 locations from sea to shining sea. In addition to these sites it will be going out to hundreds of thousands through webcasts and live radio coverage. This could potentially be the largest evangelistic event to ever occur in the history of the United States of America!

There is nothing this country so desperately needs as spiritual revival and I am so thankful that God gave this vision to Greg and the Harvest team to put this phenomenally massive outreach together. Especially as we move towards a presidential election, everyone is clamoring for hope and change; but the answer to our country’s problems isn’t who is living in the White House, but rather who is coming on a white horse–Air Horse One–I’m talking about Jesus Christ! We desperately need to consider our ways and turn to the Lord. And the only way that will happen is through the bold proclamation of what happened at skull hill–where Jesus died for the sins of the world–and that is exactly what Harvest America is all about.

At fresh life we are absolutely, flat-out honored to be a part of this event; both through streaming it on our two radio stations and by hosting Harvest America events in Billings and in the Flathead Valley. In my opinion Greg Laurie is the freshest and most powerful evangelist on the planet. The way God has gifted him to preach the gospel in a down to earth way is outstanding. I have had the opportunity to travel with him all over the country and serve with him as emcee at his crusades and it is a very special–Holy Spirit–thing to watch God use him in the lives of so many people, there is a serious anointing on his life. We are pinching ourselves that via technology we are able to effectively have Harvest crusades in Montana this summer! Outrageous.

We should all leverage our personal influence towards this event as well, through instagram posts, tweets, status updates and #harvestamerica hashtags this thing should generate some mega traffic and turn heads all over the place. You never know what God can do with even the smallest things we offer to Him in faith.

Get more details at, invite and bring people to attend and or watch online, and lets stand together with Greg and the whole Harvest team in prayer. (Ephesians 6:19)

LA Harvest

I just got back from Los Angeles and it is so much warmer in Montana. I just had to take the opportunity to say that because there aren’t too many times a year where that is true!

I was down in California hosting the first ever Harvest crusade at Dodger stadium. It was unbelievable. 340 churches came together and partnered with Greg Laurie to amplify the gospel in this city that has the eyes of the world on it. Over 50,000 people filled this historic venue and there was so much energy and excitement that you could feel it. All the musicians did a phenomenal job and Greg seriously brought it.

When the invitation came so many people flooded on the field that the fire marshall wouldn’t allow any more to come and people stood in the aisles to pray to receive Christ! Follow up counselors tried their best to get to them all and 5,900 decisions were registered but many more had Bibles passed to them. It was crazy.

Since the event was on the eve of the tenth anniversary of September 11th, the night ended with a very special time of remembering. Pastor Chuck Smith lead us in a prayer for America and then all the musicians sang ‘God bless America’ as the lights were cut and everyone in the stands held up digital candles on their phones. Then Chris Tomlin lead us in a time of worship that gave me chills. Hearing the voices of 50,000 worship Christ was overwhelming. It was a taste of heaven. I was overcome by the thought that this is what our nation needs most. Jesus is the change that the world is looking for.

The stage was set for God to move. He did.

Hooray for LA!

Chris Tomlin. In addition to being the most sung songwriter in the United States he is also a laid-back and kind person who is super focused on making Jesus famous. It was an honor to work with him again.

After the event I preached on Sunday at Harvest so Greg could recuperate. Always an honor to preach for him. Now it is time to enjoy this warm weather…while it lasts! You can watch the archive of the LA crusade here.

Meeting the Soul Surfer


Last night 32,000 people gathered at Angels stadium and 3,045 people made public professions of faith in Christ! I am always in awe at these events as I stand there watching God move so powerfully in the hearts of so many and it is a massive honor to get to be apart of these events.

There was music from Kutless, Crystal Lewis, and David Crowder Band; Greg Laurie brought the heat in the pulpit with a message on the conversion of Levi the tax collector.

Legendary pro-surfer Bethany Hamilton also came and shared her story last night. She had her arm bit off by a shark and then went on to surf professionally. Amazing. If you haven’t seen Soul Surfer, the movie based on her life, you have got to check it out. Her faith in Christ and desire to be used by Him is all over it. It was a real joy to get to meet her.

Amazing weekend in Seattle

There is no sound on earth I love as much as the sound of people praying to ask Christ to come into their hearts. This weekend I had the chance to listen to thousands of voices doing just that after Greg Laurie preached the gospel and called people to respond to it at a three-day Harvest Crusade. To make it even sweeter, this all took place in Seattle, a city that is known for a lot of things: coffee, technology, recycling, dog lovers, hybrid automobiles, music etc; but a love for the gospel is not usually the first thing that comes to mind. In all 4,225 people made professions of faith over the course of the weekend!

I have been serving with Greg Laurie and the Harvest team for a number of years and it is a huge thrill to be apart of these awesome evangelistic outreaches across the country. Unless you have been to one, there aren’t words that can do it justice–it just blows me away to watch God moving in such a huge way, in so many people’s lives at one time, as the powerful message of the cross goes forth. One thing that made this particular crusade extra fun was the fact that since it took place in the NorthWest, a team from fresh life was able to load up on a bus and participate in the event. They passed out thousands of invites, served as ushers, new believer counselors and did whatever they could to help support the weekend. Several staff members from the Harvest Crusades complimented me on how awesome the team was. I wasn’t suprised–Fresh Lifers are hard core!

The crusade took place at Key Arena, right underneath the Space Needle, here is a shot I grabbed, on my phone, one night while walking out of the venue.

On Friday night I had the opportunity to interview former NBA player, and current head coach of the University of Washington Huskies mens basketball team, Lorenzo Romar during the crusade. He is the Pac-10 Conference’s longest-tenured coach and widely respected throughout collegiate basketball. Currently the Huskies are 17th in the nation. He talked about how despite his success, he was empty on the inside until he realized he needed to be born again and have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

It was a lot of fun meeting and interacting with a few of the different pastors from the 300+ churches that came together to support the event. It was especially great to meet Judah Smith from the City Church. I have watched his teachings before and appreciate his ministry.

And of course, being in Seattle lead to the consumption of TONS of great coffee…in addition to hitting up Peet’s (one of my faves) it was fun to try the Clover brewed coffee from Starbucks. These Clover machines are like french presses in reverse and rely on gravity to brew. They cost 10,000 bucks apiece and are only in a hundred or so locations. They definitely make a great cup of coffee.

It was also fun to visit Mars Hill’s Ballard campus on Sunday morning and go to a church service where I wasn’t preaching. During the service Mark had Greg come up on stage and they talked about the event. Their worship band was phenomenal and the message from Mark Driscoll was super refreshing. He taught out of Luke 12, about why we shouldn’t worry. The big takeaway truth was that “God doesn’t want to take your stuff, He wants to take your stress.” It was definitely a trip to be sitting in a church service in Seattle while simultaneously preaching the first Soldier On message in Montana via video. I heart technology.

Chicago Harvest Crusade

Huge weekend in the Windy City! 47,600 people attended over the course of the weekend and 4,758 people made professions of faith in Christ! All three nights were webcast live and over 105,000 tuned in to the crusade digitally, and many responded to the invitation. All three nights are archived so if you want to watch them you can here. There are also amazing photos from each night that were taken by a crazy talented photographer.

I shot a little footage with my phone over the course of the weekend and threw it together into a little lo-fi recap video on a plane this morning. (it was early–so please keep that in mind!) But included is an ample dose of Skillet’s pyrotechnics and a little rejected footage from an interview I did with Jeremy Camp for my twitter. Enjoy.

There is one more Harvest Crusade left this year–it is in Seattle in November so keep that event in prayer and get more info at

Another Awesome Night at Angels Stadium

Here’s a little video that I shot on my phone in between emcee segments and then threw together on the mobile iMovie software. It amazes me how far technology has come! It also amazes me to watch the gospel proclaimed with power and people come to Christ by the thousands, and that has been happening at the SoCal harvest for 21 years!

You can help support the Harvest Crusades–just text the letters, HC to 20222 to make a donation of $10. (you will receive a confirmation text and you need to respond “yes” to confirm you want to) And pray that God moves in power tonight!

the 2010 SoCal Harvest Crusade begins!

Tonight was killer. 30,000 people at Angels Stadium, 2,604 people made decisions for Christ and over 59,000 different people logged in to watch the webcast. That doesn’t include all the people who listened on the radio either!

Here is a little glimpse of the behind the scenes action from this awesome night.
(My favorite thing about the movie is the fact that David Crowder looks intensely frightened by me in the thumbnail below. My second favorite thing is David Crowder’s beard. It is a force to be reckoned with.)

20th OC Harvest comes to an epic conclusion

Here is a little video I shot during the final night of the 2009 SoCal Harvest Crusade.  I shot it with my phone from the platform and so the quality isn’t going to win any awards or anything–but I hope it gives you  some sense of the energy and excitement of the night.

I have been to and spoken at a lot of events and have hosted at 8 different harvest crusades but I sensed God’s Spirit moving in an extraordinary way this weekend.   Continue reading…