Chicago Harvest Crusade

Huge weekend in the Windy City! 47,600 people attended over the course of the weekend and 4,758 people made professions of faith in Christ! All three nights were webcast live and over 105,000 tuned in to the crusade digitally, and many responded to the invitation. All three nights are archived so if you want to watch them you can here. There are also amazing photos from each night that were taken by a crazy talented photographer.

I shot a little footage with my phone over the course of the weekend and threw it together into a little lo-fi recap video on a plane this morning. (it was early–so please keep that in mind!) But included is an ample dose of Skillet’s pyrotechnics and a little rejected footage from an interview I did with Jeremy Camp for my twitter. Enjoy.

There is one more Harvest Crusade left this year–it is in Seattle in November so keep that event in prayer and get more info at

The Windy City

I am in Chicago hosting a weekend-long Harvest crusade at the Allstate Arena. Last night 14,500 people showed up for the opening night and many made professions of faith in Christ. There was music by the ever awesome David Crowder*Band, as well as Heather Headley and Greg Laurie gave a powerful message called, “What do you live for?”

What is really exciting about this crusade is the fact that over 220 churches have come together to make this event happen. Chicago has a long legacy of evangelistic events with men like D.L. Moody, Billy Sunday, and Billy Graham having held meetings here in the past. Remarkably, this event is the first time churches have worked together to put on a large-scale event like this in fifteen years.

I was also super stoked to have the chance to meet Dr. Erwin Lutzer for the first time. I have been listening to his messages and reading his books for a long time. My favorite books that he has written are, One Minute After You Die and Hitler’s Cross. He pastors the historic Moody Church in downtown Chicago. Pastoring there would be pretty intimidating considering previous ministers have had last names like: Moody, Ironside, Wiersbe, and Redpath! But he is a phenomenal preacher and it was an honor to meet him.

Dr. Erwin Lutzer and I backstage

There are two more nights to go! Pray and watch online at tonight starts at 6:30pm CST

Another Awesome Night at Angels Stadium

Here’s a little video that I shot on my phone in between emcee segments and then threw together on the mobile iMovie software. It amazes me how far technology has come! It also amazes me to watch the gospel proclaimed with power and people come to Christ by the thousands, and that has been happening at the SoCal harvest for 21 years!

You can help support the Harvest Crusades–just text the letters, HC to 20222 to make a donation of $10. (you will receive a confirmation text and you need to respond “yes” to confirm you want to) And pray that God moves in power tonight!

the 2010 SoCal Harvest Crusade begins!

Tonight was killer. 30,000 people at Angels Stadium, 2,604 people made decisions for Christ and over 59,000 different people logged in to watch the webcast. That doesn’t include all the people who listened on the radio either!

Here is a little glimpse of the behind the scenes action from this awesome night.
(My favorite thing about the movie is the fact that David Crowder looks intensely frightened by me in the thumbnail below. My second favorite thing is David Crowder’s beard. It is a force to be reckoned with.)

Interview with Aaron Gillespie

This past Wednesday The Almost played at Skull Church. I knew they would put on a killer show. Aaron is a super talented guy and in my opinion The Almost is one of the best rock bands out there. As expected, their music was epic but what really stood out was how they went out of their way to serve the night however they could. You could tell they weren’t just there to put on a concert, it wasn’t just another gig–they wanted to be apart of what God was doing. And it showed.

It was an absolute thrill to partner with them. And we saw God move. People responded to the invitation, making decisions for Christ, both in the building and some who were watching online out of state. And then after the service they put on one heck of a show at the after-party, helping us break in some upgrades we recently made to our sound system!

Check out some photos from the night here.

Check out The Almost’s website here.

how to know the will of God

One of the issues that we all wrestle with is knowing God’s will for our lives.

Questions like: Should I date this person? Should I buy a mac or a pc? Should I take this job offer? What should I do after high-school? and How can I know if I am hearing from God or it’s just my imagination?
Greg Laurie tackles these relevant subjects head-on in this message that he gave at skull church. Ok, maybe not the computer issue, but that is a no-brainer!

He also explains the gospel in a very easy to understand way so send a link to someone who could benefit from hearing it.

Day of Prayer/Night of Worship

We are having a night of worship at Skull Church tonight, intentionally carving out time to stop and praise God for who He is and the great things He has done at this outreach service. There is no doubt about it, we are experiencing a revival. Hundreds of people have responded to God’s Holy Spirit and made professions of faith in Christ at Skull Church since it began. It is special, exhilarating, breathtaking and delightful to watch people humble themselves, admit their sins and come to Christ that they might find life. It is also addicting, and it makes you want to see it happen again and again.

In the midst of this a verse that has been on my heart is Psalm 85:6 which says, Will You not revive us again, That Your people may rejoice in You? And rather than just being content that we are seeing God move, my heart longs for Him to do more. To revive us again. To ignite a blazing passion in our hearts for Him, for holiness, and for those who are lost. (hopefully one even greater than our passion for the other LOST!) We decided to take a night and set it aside to specifically pray for this to happen. A night to celebrate our great God and pray for Him to take us further up and further in. For Him to purify our hearts and rock our worlds. That night is tonight, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Skull Church is an unapologetically evangelistic service. The reason it exists is so people who don’t know Christ can be invited to hear killer music and the gospel message. At every service there is an invitation for people to publicly respond to the gospel and give their lives to Christ. But for tonight, instead of focusing on inviting someone who is unsaved, we told everyone to come asking for God to (re)ignite their heart with a holy passion. We invited everyone to join us in a day of fasting and prayer today leading up to the service. Starting at 7 this morning we have been guiding the days focus through hourly tweets/fb updates (ranging from prayers of thanksgiving to confession to prayers for our city, for Haiti and so on.) And because our love for God should always work it’s way out to love for others we asked everyone to come to the service tonight with either a package of toilet paper or a cleaning product, items requested by a local homeless shelter.

It has been a clarifying and special day so far and I can’t wait to come together at Skull Church tonight with everyone and lift our voices and hearts to God together. We will be asking God to make Jesus famous in our lives, and that people would continue to come to know Christ at Skull Church as they are invited by friends, coworkers, and family members–both in person and on the radio/website. We are praying for Him to do even greater things in this city than we have seen Him do in the past.

Next week, hopefully with our hearts ablaze, our focus returns to evangelism and we are so excited to have Greg Laurie coming to speak at Skull Church, for the first time ever. Stoked!

Please join with us in prayer as we paddle to catch a fresh wave of God’s Holy Spirit.

a dude on a dell

When we first started having meetings about the new fresh life website, several months ago, one thing that was very important to our team was the content for the “Know God” page. The purpose of the page is to share the gospel with a person who doesn’t have a relationship with Christ. To be honest, when we were looking at the old site in our creative sessions, I felt like that particular page seemed like it was an after thought. The facts of the gospel were presented in written form and the sinner’s prayer was spelled out but there was no passion, no creativity, no life. It was sterile and uninviting–like a generic brand of cola at the grocery store. Continue reading…