New series starts this weekend

We are about to launch into a brand new study at fresh life called APGAR. While I can’t tell you what it is all about just yet (you will have to show up) I can say that it will be an opportunity for us all to discover how we are doing and where we are in need of attention in our walks with God.

I hope you will join in at one of our locations or for an online experience. And if you have a minute click here to visit the APGAR page where you can send an E-vite out and show the new series some love on social media.


There’s a freshlife app for that!

Though it’s a little late to the party, this weekend we officially rolled out the first version of fresh life the mobile app! In addition to live worship experiences, including skull church events and archived messages (that we will continue to expand) we also bundled in a fresh life radio player. Now, no matter where you live, you can enjoy the unique cocktail of indie, worship, rock and Bible teaching that we enjoy in the Flathead Valley & Billings everyday–right from within the app. Trust me when I say you have never heard a Christian radio station like it.

There are Droid and iPhone/iPad versions and it looks especially phenomenal on the retina display. Click here for more info or grab it from the iTunes app store or Android Marketplace. if you like it let someone else know about it w/ a tweet or shout out on Instagram!



This weekend at fresh life we are beginning a brand new series called Kickstart. Though I’m sure it will be a blessing to all of us, it is going to be specifically geared towards someone who is new to the Christian faith and looking to gain traction in their walk with God. It will be super basic, just the low-down that you’ll need in order to throw-down.

We constantly have an influx of people in the church who have no idea what their doing or how to walk with God–as it should be–and we offer new-believers classes on an ongoing basis for this very reason. But I also know that there are people in the church who have been a Christian for years but are still pretty much at the starting gate and aren’t moving forward. Time spent doing something is no guarantee of progress. Whatever the case, I hope that this series helps us all to grow.

If you or someone you know is in need of a Kickstart I hope you’ll join us for this series! You can invite them at the Kickstart page by clicking here.

So…this happened

this changes everything

Jesus died and then got back up. That’s extremely impressive. It wasn’t the first time it had been done. There had been resurrections scattered through out the Bible before He rose (I did a whole series on that once, check it out here.) But with Jesus it was different. When Lazarus, Jarius’ daughter, The Shunamite Woman’s son and everyone else in that elite club rose, they ultimately had to die again. Not Jesus. He ever lives. And He promised that if we believe in Him, even though we will still die, one day we will come bursting out of the ground like planted seeds that have become flowers. And we will never die again. That’s the gospel.

I never get tired of sharing that with people. I am as invigorated and amazed as the words come out of my mouth each time as at the first. I can’t help but think of the day when my worm eaten body will emerge from the dust and be transformed into a glorified body like Christ’s and it just fills my heart with hope and courage. It’s too good to be true. But it is true! And it changes the way you look at things. Once you know what will happen when you die, you are truly ready to live. And it never gets old watching people respond to the gospel invitation, making professions of faith in Christ. And that’s exactly what we saw many do in Billings, the Flathead Valley and online do as we marveled at God’s power over death this weekend.

Here is the Fresh Life Easter lookbook.

This is it…don’t get scared now

The Bible says that Jesus set His face like flint to go to Jerusalem. His disciples tried to talk Him out of going but He was fearless and unstoppable. Even though He knew He was heading towards certain death, He could not be deterred and soldiered on.

You see, He knew something that His enemies and even His followers didn’t know. He knew that the grave could be defeated, that death itself could be overcome. Waiting beyond the cross was the crown of glory. With just a quick leapfrog over the tomb He could take hold of the enemies’ flag and lay it at His Father’s feet. In so doing He would not only take His life up again; He would be able to share the spoils of His victory with all who would entrust their souls to His care.

The events of Good Friday and Easter Sunday are the most thrilling subjects in all the world and must be shouted from the rooftops for all to hear! We are now just five days away. This is it…don’t get scared now!

If you don’t have an event to attend on Good Friday make plans to watch the Skull Church Majestic webcast with music by Red. It begins at 7pm (MST) at Make sure to invite a friend who doesn’t know Christ to watch it with you!

a weekend of prayer & fasting

Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it; Unless God guards the city the watchman stays awake in vain. (Psalm 127:1)

We are now in the homestretch of a long season of preparation as we approach Skull Church Majestic and Fresh Life Easter; events that are now just over a week away. We have never undertaken anything larger and to that end we are ‘saddling up our swiftest steeds.’ By that I mean we are seeking to utilize every resource God has put at our disposal to reach as many people as possible with the news of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

However, in all our hard work and planning, we know that the only way these events will have real and eternal impact is through the hand of God. So we are not only doing everything that we can do but we are praying for Him to do what only He can do.

One of the ways we are keeping this at the forefront is through taking Palm Sunday weekend and making it a time of prayer and fasting as a church. We will gather at each worship experience, in all of our campuses, to unite in adoration of our great King Jesus Christ and to ask Him to move in power, for His glory, next weekend.

We have a monthly service completely given over to this (we call it Bow Before the Battle) we see a great turnout and it is always amazing. In this season though, I specifically sensed God calling me to gather the whole church to pray in this way. Pastors all across the world know that it is nearly impossible to get the whole church to come out to the prayer gathering…so I decided to make it easy on everyone by bringing the prayer meeting to them.

Easter is on it’s way

Easter is always on it’s way. The story of what happened on the third day, when the stone was rolled away, is amazing and life changing. There is no greater day on the calendar. This year at fresh life we are going all out to reach as many people as possible with the hope-infused message of the resurrection.

In Billings we will be joined by Shawn MacDonald at the Billings West High School. In the Flathead Valley all three campuses will we coming together at the Majestic Valley Arena and we will be joined by For King & Country. We are praying that many come to know Christ!

We’re finally releasing the story!

I love that we are getting to release this project, chronicling what we have seen God do in our day, on Valentines Day! You can watch the whole thing for free for fourteen days, and purchase it on blu-ray, dvd or digital download, this week, at I am praying that as we release this God uses it in big ways.

The Fresh Life Story Trailer from fresh life church on Vimeo.

Fresh Life on Blu-ray

On Valentines Day we are finally releasing the Fresh Life Story! We are offering it on DVD, digital download (in both standard and high-definition) and on Blu-ray. Starting Tuesday, February 14th you can place your order at We are also excited to be streaming the entire film to watch for free online for fourteen days.

Our prayer is that this story of our journey would be used to inspire and encourage pastors, church-planters, and Christians all over the world. Perhaps think of getting your team together to watch it together. It would be perfect for a staff meeting or to get pumped up before brainstorming a big project. I wish we had been able to watch a piece like this as a team before we set out for Montana!


We also created a very special and unique two-day edition of Fresh Life Audio, our radio program, that will be airing on February, 13th and 14th that includes content from this project so be sure to tune in. For a list of radio stations that air fresh life audio click here.