Charlie Hall at Skull Church

Last night we were super blessed to have Charlie Hall and his band lead worship at skull church. It was awesome. They not only played during the service but also at the after party where we celebrated all that God had done in the lives of those who made professions of faith, in person and online.
Charlie Hall Band

We sing many songs at fresh life that he has written. Killer songs like: “You are God”, “All We Need” and “Into Marvelous Light. I was telling him that in particular his song “Center” means a lot to me as it became the theme-song of our Nucleus series through the book of Colossians.

What I love about Charlie Hall, and all the worship leaders in the passion movement for that matter, (Chris Tomlin, Kristian Stanfill etc;) is the way that as they lead their songs turn into anthems, sometimes it’s almost a war-cry. You can’t help but sense a revolution in the air beckoning you to live for Christ’s fame as you sing along with them. I love it.
Charlie Hall Band

The Almost – live at Skull Church

Wavorly at Skull Church

You can check out music from some of the other artists that have played at skull church here.

Skull Church After-Party w/ FF5

Family Force 5

Last week we had family force 5 at skull church. They did a few songs before the message and then did a full hour long concert at the end of the night. Normally we ask bands to do a half-hour bonus after the invitation as a sort of after party, but they asked if they could do a full set instead. What would you say? Yeah, that’s pretty much what we said.

These guys are awesome and insane at the same time. I had the chance to do a little interview with them before the night got underway, check it out:

You can check out their new site here.


Last week we had a little, early Thanksgiving treat when Danyew performed at skull church. His music is incredible. I heard of him this summer when Phil Wickham played and then hung around for a little Montana vay-cay. We were hanging out and I had asked him who he thought we should look into booking for skull church, especially talented artists that are emerging onto the music scene, but haven’t been heard from a lot yet. Phil Danyew was one of the first that he mentioned and we booked him right away.

He is on Sparrow records, just got off David Crowder’s Church Music tour and last week his new song, wake up, was selected as the iTunes discovery download of the week. If you haven’t heard his music yet, do yourself a favor and check it out! Both him and his drummer were rad guys and integrated really well into the service and seemed stoked to be apart of what God was doing that night. Their holiday travel back home to SoCal became an unexpected adventure when fog rolled in at the end of the night–part and parcel of being a traveling musician–but I appreciate their sacrifice all the same. Here is one of the songs, called silver lining, from their set at skull church.