Big Church or Little Church?

Some churches are big, other churches are little. Some churches are impersonal and difficult to get plugged into, others are friendly, and it’s easy to get connected .

In my experience, it’s not necessarily the big that are unfriendly and the small that are instantly engaging. I have been to churches that are massive and yet are warm and feel like a big family and small ones that don’t focus on outsiders to the point that they become clique-ish and cold. So you don’t have to choose between being big numerically and having a strong and thriving community. They aren’t opposites.  In fact, community isn’t really an issue of magnitude but mindset.  More intentionality than immensity.   It is something that must be fostered, developed, and pursued, regardless of the size of the church.  And it won’t happen on accident.

Now, I know some people are against “big” churches and like smaller ones better. Continue reading…