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This past August we took Skull Church on the road to our neighboring country to the north. This marked the very first time I have done any type of ministry in Canada. We traveled just under 1,100 miles across Alberta to take the message of gospel to Calgary, Edmonton, and Lethbridge.

We kicked off the tour in downtown Calgary at the epic Jack Singer Concert Hall. With a population of over a million people Calgary is a cosmopolitan city with numerous skyscrapers. The city has experienced rapid growth due to its status as the center of Canada’s oil industry. However, it’s still steeped in the western culture that earned it the nickname “Cowtown,” evident in the Calgary Stampede, its massive July rodeo and festival that grew out of the farming exhibitions once presented there.

Our team, traveling with two trucks hauling 24’ and 32’ trailers, and two vans carrying tour team members, began load in to the venue the day before the event. The Jack Singer Concert Hall is described as one of the most beautiful and acoustically acclaimed venues in North America. It is the home of Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, and by far the nicest venue we have ever had the opportunity to be in.

In the the end it was an incredibly special night at Skull Church Calgary. We saw ninety-three professions for Christ, it truly was a powerful night. Thank you to everyone who came out and made my first time peaching in Canada such a special evening.

It was an incredible kick-off to Skull Church Canada, here’s a look-book of the event:





Skull Church Canada


Next week we’re kicking off a Skull Church tour through Canada for the first time ever! I’ve never been to Canada, so it’s two-fold excitement for me. We’ll be bringing the ultimate message of hope throughout Alberta to Calgary, Edmonton and Lethbridge. If you live in or anywhere near these places don’t miss these events! Time and venue details are listed here.

If you’re passionate about the message of Skull Church and are a leader in a local church or organization, help promote in your area by filling out this form. If you want to rock the tour on your social media microphone, check out our promotions page for social media art.


This Weekend’s Party


This weekend marked tremendous moments in the life of our church – from the fifth annual Skull Church on Good Friday at the Majestic Valley Arena, to the launch of our first EP from Fresh Life Worship (get it here!), wrapping up with Fresh Life Easter reaching people in more places than ever .

The party began Friday night as we filled the Majestic to celebrate the most heroic thing that has ever been done – Jesus coming to earth to save us from our sins. This Skull Church is extra special because it’s held on Good Friday, the day Jesus defeated death and declared victory over it. Guest artist Trip Lee opened the night with a killer performance, followed by our Skull Church band, with the night culminating in many making decisions for Christ! The sacrifice of Jesus death-proofed our lives and that’s what Skull Church is all about.

On Sunday we celebrated the resurrection of Christ with more worship experiences than ever before, reaching from the Majestic Valley Arena in the Flathead Valley, to Billings, Missoula and Bozeman, we gathered in five different cities across Montana! In addition to an online and radio audience, we also had our first ever Fresh Life Easter at our network site in Polson.

I spoke on a verse I’d never preached about before – Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” (This verse is particularly special to me – I had it stamped on the first Bible I bought after I gave my life to Jesus.) It was an honor to tell others about the life they were born to live in Christ.

Between Skull Church Majestic and Fresh Life Easter we saw hundreds of people from our different locations and online commit their lives to Christ. There is nothing better.

Here’s this weekend’s look book:
















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Skull Church Majestic and Fresh Life Easter

Skull Church Majestic

We’re filled with anticipation as we approach the first Skull Church of 2015 this Friday, April 3. (Which also happens to be Good Friday.) We ended 2014 on an exciting note with an incredible fall tour through Idaho, Montana and Washington and are kicking off this year returning to the Majestic Valley Arena, Northwest Montana’s largest venue, for the fifth consecutive year. Doors open at 6:30 p.m., with the night beginning at 7 p.m. You can join us live online that evening at, and if you’d like to spread the word and invite your friends, we’ve got promotional art available for download here.

Fresh Life Easter

On the heels of Skull Church Majestic, this Sunday, April 5 marks the fifth anniversary of Easter in the Majestic Valley Arena in the Flathead Valley (Kalispell and Whitefish), with Easter worship experiences also being held in Billings, Bozeman, Missoula and live online at This means we will be meeting in five cities across the state this Easter Sunday and in the Bible, five is the number of grace. We’re remembering the grace of God and His faithfulness as we’re trusting him with more Easter worship experience times than ever before. For details on times and locations, or to download promotional artwork, visit

Skull Church in Great Falls, Montana


The final stop on our tour was Great Falls, Montana. The city is located along the banks of the mighty Missouri river, the longest river in North America. This impressive body of water flows from Montana to Missouri passing through ten states and two Canadian provinces on the way.

There are a series of five waterfalls on the river and each one has a hydroelectric that generates power, earning Great Falls the nickname “The Electric City.” The history of the city goes back to the Blackfoot Indian tribe long before the United States existed. During the Lewis and Clark expedition began and the Louisiana purchase was being explored Meriwether Lewis was the first white person to set foot in the area that would be known as Great Falls.

The city is also home to Malstrom Air Force Base and the countries largest nuclear arsenal. Thera are 200 minuteman III nuclear missiles in silos all over the area that can hit targets up to 7,000 miles away should the President give the order. I had the chance to visit the base and was filled with gratitude for all the men and women who serve our nation. It broke my heart to hear that Maelstrom has the highest suicide rate of any Air Force Base in the country. We specifically targeted the base as we prepared for the event and made it our aim to make sure everyone there was invited.

The Skull Church event took place in the Mansfield Theater in the Civic Center. It was a beautiful venue and a phenomenal place to worship Jesus and see people touched by His grace. This event was the punctuation mark to an amazing tour. Seeing hundreds and hundreds of people give their lives to God, during these two weeks was mind-blowing and I can’t wait until we get to go out and do it again.

Here is the Skull Church Great Falls lookbook:










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Skull Church in Butte, Montana


The fourth stop on our tour was Butte, Montana. Just as you shouldn’t play favorites with your kids, I won’t show partiality to any of the cities we brought Skull Church to, but I will say that this event was a spiritual highlight of the tour. I had never set foot in Butte and didn’t know much about it before this fall, but while we were on the road I watched a documentary that PBS produced on the history of the town. It is fascinating and you can watch it on YouTube here.

In case you don’t have an hour to spare, here is the dime version: Butte was a mining boom-town. It was predominantly silver that was mined here until the advent of electricity–when they discovered that the ground was rich with copper that was increasingly in demand–and wires began to be strung from building to building from coast to coast. They could hardly dig the stuff out of the ground fast enough to keep up with the insatiable appetite for it. At one point copper from Butte was used around the nation more than from any other mine.

The population exploded as people from all over the world descended on the city. At one point the “no smoking” signs in the mines had to be printed in 16 different languages because the miners were so culturally diverse. The night life ran to keep up as well. The city was home to a booming red-light district with a brothel that is reportedly America’s “longest running house of prostitution.” At one point Butte was the largest city west of the Mississippi, a place prospering so much it was dubbed, “the richest hill on earth” and referred to as Butte, America. (As opposed to Butte, Montana because it was such a hip, cosmopolitan place)

All that came crashing down when mining was stuttered in 1982. The same year I was born the activity that gave the city its identity dissolved suddenly into thin air. Today Butte is a shadow of what it once was. Where there used to be 100,000 people living here, today the population is a third of that size. It is certainly no ghost town, but the evidence of different days gone by are everywhere you look and they say that it is shrinking faster than any city in the state.

We had the event at the historic and beautiful Motherlode, a theatre with a past as storied as the city itself. As the crowd arrived and I prepared to speak, I felt so much love welling up in my heart from the Lord. Speaking to one of the local pastors I heard that many young people crack that, “happiness is seeing Butte in your rearview mirror.” I felt such a sense of assignment as I preached to tell them that leaving this city might just be what they are supposed to do, but if they leave to fill a hole inside them they will bring their problems with them wherever they go.

I hope the Lord gives us the opportunity to return to Butte and do ministry again soon, because it was such a joy to watch people find something far better than silver or gold in a relationship with Jesus. Regardless of what is or isn’t happening in the city economically, in God’s heart, the glory days for the people who live there are not in the past but are yet to come.

Here is the Skull Church Butte lookbook:










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Skull Church in Boise, Idaho


Our third stop on the tour was the capital of Idaho–Boise. This was the third state capital we have done an event in. (The other two being Helena and Denver) And the Egyptian Theater, where we had Skull Church, sat downtown just a few blocks away from the Idaho State Capitol Building. The Egyptian is this rad, super kitschy historic venue that was originally called the Fox but was garishly done over with over-the-top egyptian-swagger to commemorate the discovery of King Tut. It feels like you are on the movie set of The Mummy. Things to check off my bucket list: Preach under an enormous, golden scarab beetle.

I love Boise. In the last few years it has become one of my favorite cities to visit and I like it more each time I spend time in the city. From the downtown with a big-city feel and the University with it’s much loved Broncos stadium to the river that runs right through town and mountains within striking distance you have the perfect blend of urban and outdoors. There are killer restaurants, and a lot going on. From what I can tell, the people that call Boise home are laid back, easy going and not super high strung. In my estimation the quality of life is good in this gem of a city that comes across as much less imposing than a city of it’s size often does.

We saw God do a great work and many were impacted by the love of Jesus. I pray that all the churches that participated in the event will continue to grow and take new ground in this awesome city.

Here is the Skull Church Boise lookbook:












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Skull Church in Coeur d’Alene

The second city we came to on our autumn Skull Church tour was Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. This event was mysterious going into it. I had never set foot in the city before and had no idea how insanely beautiful it is or how the event would be received. I was blown away by both. The city is situated on the shore of Lake Coeur d’Alene which explains it’s nickname as the Lake City. I must admit I was relieved to discover that it also goes by CDA which helped me out greatly until I mastered the correct way of spelling Coeur d’Alene–no small feat!

CDA is the largest city in the Idaho panhandle and after Boise it has the biggest population in the state. The churches that supported the event were great and showed up to serve with flying colors. I was told by one of the pastors that a number of them had been getting together to pray leading up to the event, and that makes all the difference in the world. When the event kicked off the Schuler Performing Arts Center was packed and the atmosphere was electric. It was probably the most energetic crowd of the whole tour. The response to the invitation was extraordinary, people streamed down the aisles to give their lives to Jesus; and I am praying that they all get plugged into the churches in the area as they grow in their new relationships with Jesus!

I also had one of the best pizza experiences of my life at a little spot downtown. I can’t remember the name of the joint but my pizza came with sriracha on it and everyone knows that rooster sauce takes everything to the next level. Until next time CDA!

Here’s the Skull Church Coeur d’Alene lookBook:














Skull Church in Spokane, Washington


We just got back from the first Skull Church tour we have ever taken. It was exhausting and exhilirating. Busy and beautiful. Over the next week or so I am going to post about each city. A few words but mostly images from the road that tell the story of what we saw God do. Compressing it all into one post just wouldn’t do it justice and this way it spreads the fun out for a while.

Spokane was the first place to stop. Having the opportunity to preach the gospel on the Skull Church stage in this city was emotional and special. When Lenya was young she had a number of allergies that we didn’t know about that caused her to break out in painful rashes constantly. She had been misdiagnosed as having eczema and it wasn’t until we traveled to a specialist in Spokane that the real problem became known. Consequently, we took a number of trips from Montana to Spokane for her to see a specialist before between her first and third birthday. Whenever I am in Spokane a flood of memories come to mind of our little family in the middle of cold winters trusting God in the midst of a trial that He brought us through.

All that medical drama she went through early on is in fact one of the reasons it made it so difficult when she went to Heaven several years later. Because we had made it through the worst of it–or so we thought. It had been two years with almost no hiccups and it seemed we had gotten into a rhythm with her allergies and asthma. When, out of nowhere, she had a monster attack that claimed her life we were completely blindsided by it.

All that to say, with those kinds of thoughts and emotions fluttering around inside, having the privilege of telling people about the hope that is available through knowing Jesus gave me great peace and purpose. There is nothing more comforting than trying to give comfort to other people.

The Fox Theater where we had the event is gorgeous. Vibe-wise it is totally Great Gatsby-ish. Watching people respond to the invitation was magnificent. I can’t wait until we return.

Here is the Skull Church Spokane Lookbook:













I met my writing deadline!

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 7.05.48 AM

Happy October everybody! I have been thinking of this date, October 1st, for a long, long time. In addition to it being the first date of the NW Skull Church tour it is also the due date for the manuscript of my book Thomas Nelson. I have writer friends who have told me you can always get an extension but I really wanted to get it in on time. And I did! We clicked send together all as a family and sent my final draft off to Thomas Nelson! It really was exciting and a special moment for us as a family. The journey has been difficult and God has been faithful. I really believe in this project and I can’t wait to see God use it as it goes out far and wide.


Being in Spokane is also extra special as we have come to this city many, many times together as a family. Lenya’s allergist was here and when she was really young and had health problems we came here for her to see nutrition specialists. We are believing God is going to do big things through this Skull Church tour. If you can’t make it to Spokane, you can join us on the webcast 7pm pacific at Blessings!