A glimpse of skull church

If you have never had the chance to attend a skull church event before here is a little taste of what it’s like. We put this together to highlight what we saw God do in Billings a few weeks ago as the gospel went out and the Holy Spirit supercharged the hearts of many people. Check it out!

Skull Church Billings Recap from flc on Vimeo.

Guess what? We have another event coming up on August 1st in Kalispell, Montana. Make plans to join us either in person or online and pray about who you can invite.

this weekend’s party

We saw God do big things in the biggest city in Montana this weekend. At one point the line to get in stretched for 7 blocks through the downtown area. That should tell you something of the kind of anticipation and energy that was pumping at skull church Billings.

Both Thousand Foot Krutch and The Afters impressed me with a serious heart for ministry and it was a genuine pleasure to partner with them. As always, watching our team perform with passion, talent, and precision was amazing. I am so thankful that I get to do life and serve Christ with people who love doing their part and are desperate to see lost people found. Inspiring.

As the gospel went out we saw many respond, giving their lives to Jesus. There were powerful stories of God’s grace intersecting with people at very low places and it was (as it always is) the highest honor to get to communicate His love to them and welcome them into the Kingdom! And it’s thrilling to think of those who were impacted that we don’t know about as the webcast was viewed all across the US and in so many countries.

Here is the skull church Billings lookbook.

It begins tonight…

After months of praying and preparing Skull Church Billings has finally arrived! Tonight our house band and Thousand Foot Krutch will play and I will be giving a message about Golgotha–the place of the skull.

We have been given great favor in the news (see here and here) and there is a real sense of buzz in this city. You can’t hardly go anywhere without seeing posters hung up and nearly everyone you invite has at least heard something about it. We are praying that God moves in people’s lives who are broken and hurting and in need of His love.

Please join with us in prayer and consider who you could invite to watch online at skullchurch.com/ or on the fresh life app. It all starts at 7pm Mountain time.

Skull Church Billings

We are so stoked to be having a two-night skull church event in Billings with Thousand Foot Krutch & The Afters on July 7-8th at the Babcock Theater! Check out the promo below:

Skull Church Billings Promo Final from fresh life church on Vimeo.

Last night’s party

It felt a whole lot like we were experiencing Skull Church Seattle last night. So far May has steadily continued April’s shower thing, in Montana at least. Aren’t we supposed to get some flowers? Amazingly, the wet weather didn’t stop people from queueing up, umbrellas in hand, to get in. And it didn’t dampen the mood either. It was an awesome night.

All the music was next-level. We brought in a newer band called Samestate and they were great. Check them out here. I preached on a scripture from the book of Ezekiel, which in an evangelistic setting, was definitely a first for me. The city of Jerusalem was about to fall under God’s judgment and false prophets have told the people that everything will be fine because they are Jews. Ezekiel tells them otherwise. “Even if these three, Job, Daniel and Noah were in the midst of it they could deliver no one but themselves by their righteousness.” (Ezekiel 14:14) Salvation, he is saying, is a birth right for no one.

Perhaps we need this wakeup call in America like no where else. Living in a nation where the majority describes themselves as some kind of Christian you can easily become desensitized to the gospel. Having believing parents or a godly heritage is not a substitute for personal saving faith. It’s impossible to ride the slipstream of someone else’s faith into eternity. It was a powerful thing to watch people respond to God’s Word and make professions of faith in Christ.

here is the Skull Church May lookbook.

So…this happened

Last night’s party

Jesus said that if He was lifted up He would draw people unto Himself. That happened on the cross. He was suspended on a tree between the earth and heaven so that He might bring men below to His Father above. And when that message is faithfully broadcasted, the Holy Spirit thrusts conviction and God’s kindness deep into men’s hearts and leads them towards salvation.

Our goal at Skull Church, from the very beginning, has been to amplify that message to as many people as possible, from the loudest speakers possible; until the end comes. Good Friday is the most natural and obvious day for that to happen, as it is the day set aside to remember the events of skull hill, but until last night we had never had a Good Friday/Skull Church event. It was awesome. And getting to do it at the Majestic made it even more special.

Both Red and our house band did a tremendous job. Our team was in rare form. The crowd was full of energy and anticipation. But the one memory I will not ever be able to forget is the invitation. I have never seen people respond to an invitation to receive Christ quite like that.

I had just finished explaining what it meant to respond to Christ and to follow Him publicly. I was in the process of saying why you shouldn’t put off doing this until later because life could end. Before I had even the chance to make that case or actually call them to respond, someone got out of their seat and walked forward. He was wearing black and actually startled me because I didn’t see him until a face appeared at my feet. But then I looked up and saw dozens began to stream forward from several different aisles. We hardly even had time to get the nets into the water but the fish were jumping into the boat! Hundreds of them. The band wasn’t quite ready to play and I was overcome by the way God was moving in people’s hearts, but it was beautiful.

The best part is that we get to do it again tomorrow because Easter is on it’s way! We have Shawn McDonald and for King & Country joining us in Billings and at the Majestic for Fresh Life Easter at 10am MST and it will all be webcast live at freshlifechurch.com

Here is the Skull Church Majestic lookbook.


This is it…don’t get scared now

The Bible says that Jesus set His face like flint to go to Jerusalem. His disciples tried to talk Him out of going but He was fearless and unstoppable. Even though He knew He was heading towards certain death, He could not be deterred and soldiered on.

You see, He knew something that His enemies and even His followers didn’t know. He knew that the grave could be defeated, that death itself could be overcome. Waiting beyond the cross was the crown of glory. With just a quick leapfrog over the tomb He could take hold of the enemies’ flag and lay it at His Father’s feet. In so doing He would not only take His life up again; He would be able to share the spoils of His victory with all who would entrust their souls to His care.

The events of Good Friday and Easter Sunday are the most thrilling subjects in all the world and must be shouted from the rooftops for all to hear! We are now just five days away. This is it…don’t get scared now!

If you don’t have an event to attend on Good Friday make plans to watch the Skull Church Majestic webcast with music by Red. It begins at 7pm (MST) at skullchurch.com. Make sure to invite a friend who doesn’t know Christ to watch it with you!

Last Night’s Party

I read recently that Wednesday is the number one day of the week that people choose to commit suicide. Hopelessness, it seems, feels worse in the middle of the week. Wednesday is also a great day to let people know that God loves them and has dreams for them. The thief only comes to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus came to give abundant life. Whatever might be going on in people’s lives, there is no greater joy than watching them wipe tears from their eyes as they respond to God’s grace in total surrender.

It was also a real pleasure to have Eisley perform, in addition to the Skull Church band, last night. We have been playing Eisley on Fresh Life Radio since day one and we have tried a few different times to get them out but it hasn’t worked out for one reason or another until now. It was worth the wait. They have a great sound and great hearts. They have shared the stage with an impressive array of artists; from Snow Patrol and Coldplay to Switchfoot and MuteMath. Check out their music here.

Here is the March lookbook.

Red is Coming to Skull Church

Good Friday is the day of days for Skull Church. It was on Good Friday that Jesus was taken to Golgotha, the place of the skull, and brutally murdered for the sins of the world. That is what Skull Church is about. It’s an evergreen message that never gets old.  His substitutionary death is relevant and powerful 365 days of the year. But there is no day more appropriate to blast it from the loudest speakers possible than Good Friday,  the day it all went down.  You could say that Good Friday is the Skull Church equivalent of the Super Bowl.

To honor the magnitude of the day, we have gone all out and planned something super special. The Majestic Valley Arena is the largest venue in Northwest Montana, and since Good Friday is the biggest day of the year for Skull Church; it only made sense for the two to go together.  Skull Church Majestic.  It  just rolls off the tongue.  Oh yeah and we will be joined for this epic night by the band Red.  They have appeared on Conan, the Tonight Show and have lit up Billboard charts and we are excited to have them at Skull Church for the first time.

We are praying for God to move in power in the lives of those who come as the message of the cross is unleashed.  Of course, it will all be webcast live in HD for those who can’t make it. Maybe even think of inviting some people over to your house or to watch it together.  You never know what God might do!   If your church or youth group isn’t doing anything on Good Friday you could even put an event together to watch the event streamed online.

It’s all going down on Friday, April 6th at 7pm (MST.)