Preaching off the Kindle

In the last nine months I have preached approximately one hundred and forty-four times and for all but one of them I spoke using Amazon’s Kindle DX for my message notes. The one time I didn’t was a fluke, the screen on my Kindle broke and Amazon had a new one (for free I might add) to me in 24 hours, but I actually had to speak at Skull Church using paper notes one night. I totally felt like a cave man.

I have been meaning to blog about the pros/cons of the Kindle for public speaking for a while. I regularly get emails from other communicators who have seen me using it and are wondering: whether I like it and is it hard to get used to? and which size they should get? and how to get their word docs onto it et cetera. So here goes… Continue reading…

a man after God’s own heart

I am in the Tucson airport headed home from a cactus filled few days in Arizona where I spoke at a pastors conference. The lineup of speakers was great and included: Skip Heitzig, James MacDonald, Pedro Garcia, Gayle Erwin, Don McClure, and Alistair Begg. We all spoke on different segments of the life of David and it was awesome. Not only because of what a privilege it was speak to 1,000 pastors and leaders from all over the country but also because of the opportunity to listen and be ministered to myself.

My favorite was hearing from Alistair Begg last night. He is one awesome Scotsman! His passionate and genuine conviction that the Bible is the actual word of God shows on his face as he speaks and you can’t help but feel like you are almost getting to go back in time and listen to Robert Murray McCheyne who preached, “with eternity stamped upon his brow.” Alistair is also a full on wordsmith and busted out yoda-esque pearls of wisdom like, “even the best of men are men at best.”

Getting to spend time backstage, between sessions, with guys like Alistair is worth more than gold. And you can be sure I worked on getting him to bring his radio show, Truth for life, onto fresh life radio. James MacDonald’s show, Walk in the Word, will be coming on later this year and I hope to hear some sweet scottish preaching soon too.

with Alistair Begg

My message was on David’s time hiding from Saul in the caves (I called it Beverly Caves 90210) and how he had to trust God’s promises even when they seemed super unlikely. I love preaching on David. He was just a punk kid who God used in major ways because he had a special heart. Normally in life having a heart condition disqualifies you from certain things, but it was David’s heart condition that qualified him to be used. Not that he was perfect (far from it) but he was a man after God’s own heart.

I am headed home for skull church and will be prepping my message on the flight–praying for God to move!

A Rodent of Unusual Size

After a great weekend of ministry at Harvest Christian Fellowship my family and I ran into a mouse wearing a tuxedo while on an excursion to Disneyland. Alivia and I decided to say hello but Lenya, my younger daughter, was a little sketched out and kept her distance.
As much fun as the magic kingdom is I can’t help but think how much better Messiah’s Kingdom will be at worlds end. When Christ rules with a rod of iron the whole earth will be the happiest place! Lions and lambs will be high-fiving, crooked places will be made straight, and I bet churro’s won’t cost 5 bucks either, it’s going to be epic.

the myriad/greg laurie

On Wednesday at Skull Church, in addition to a special message from Greg Laurie, as a bonus we were joined by Seattle rockband The Myriad. They get tons of play on fresh life radio, have a song on the game Rockband and have even received a good amount of attention from MTV. A few years back we had them at an O2 Experience event and I really dig them. They are super cool guys and musically they are awesome, without a doubt one of my favorites that have played at Skull Church so far–just good clean rock and roll.

After they played Greg gave a great message on how to know the will of God and we saw a number of people respond to the invitation, making professions of faith, at both the Strand and Liberty theatres. I love Greg’s preaching skillz (and his nunchuck skillz* too) he is passionate, easy to listen to, thoroughly Biblical, and hilarious. The next day we flew to SoCal and I spoke at his Bible study in Orange County. I gave a message called Flour Power on the story of Elijah and the Widow of Zarepath from 1 Kings 17 and then promptly ate at in-n-out. Today we spent some time with another super cool pastor who also lives in Seattle but more on that later. The boarding door just closed and I need to make some progress on this weekend’s NUCLEUS message.

*Napoleon Dynamite Reference
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Great time at the cove

I am on a plane in Salt Lake City headed home to Montana where I will be speaking at Skull Church tonight on the life of Elijah. My wife and I spent the last few days with some of our favorite people on the earth teaching the Bible and enjoying the beauty of autumn in North Carolina. (I took this photo from the front porch.)coveleaves
In some areas the leaves changing made the hills look like they were on fire, (I attached a pic of that at the end of the blog) it was overwhelmingly beautiful and refreshing.

Greg Laurie, Pedro Garcia, Don McClure and I all spoke 2x each during a seminar on Christ’s Return at the Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove. There was also music at each session by the always enthusiastic Dennis Agajanian and worship by Marty Goetz. It was a really sweet blend of hanging out and ministry. Everybody brought their wives and Greg brought his whole family along and we all had a blast drinking sweet tea, eating delicious Southern cooking and meeting all the friendly people that were there on retreat. Skip and Lenya Heitzig were supposed to be there too but due to Lenya’s cancer treatment they had to stay home in Albuquerque–we missed them. 🙁

BIlly and Ruth Graham’s vision for the Cove was that it would be a place for Christians to go and be rejuvenated in the Lord and in His Word and be equipped to be used by God more powerfully when they went home. Their vision certainly became a reality, and everyone (there were people from 23 different states) who attended–including those of us who were there to serve–seemed to really be blessed.

Here are a few more pics:
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Rocking North Carolina


the shotgun approach

Here is quick buckshot blog:

We have recently upgraded our webcast from the platform we had been using. The new webcast looks better, the player is simpler and best of all, there are no more ads! Check it out during one of our webcasts. (Saturday at 6pm, Sunday at 9& 11am and Wednesday at 7pm at and Mountain Standard Time)

Orange County
I just got back from Southern California where I gave a message on the cross at Greg Laurie’s Thursday night Bible study.  It was a great night of ministry and thirty people responded to the invitation at the end of the message and made public professions of faith in Jesus Christ. Greg is on vacation recovering from the harvest crusade and it was a blast to fill in for him.
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20th OC Harvest comes to an epic conclusion

Here is a little video I shot during the final night of the 2009 SoCal Harvest Crusade.  I shot it with my phone from the platform and so the quality isn’t going to win any awards or anything–but I hope it gives you  some sense of the energy and excitement of the night.

I have been to and spoken at a lot of events and have hosted at 8 different harvest crusades but I sensed God’s Spirit moving in an extraordinary way this weekend.   Continue reading…

Saturday Night at the Big A

Tonight was crazy. Angels Stadium was so packed they had to shut the gates and no one else could come in. Every seat (47,000) was occupied. There was music by Relient K, the Katinas and Skillet. Greg preached a spot on message called, “The writing is on the wall” about the hand that showed up during Belshazzar’s party and warned of judgment to come. The response to the invitation was massive, 4,488 people made decisions for Christ!  (check out the video at the end of this blog of those who came forward…it’s unbelievable to see.)

Before the message Greg interviewed Nick Vuijicic. He is 26 years old and was born without arms or legs. He has a powerful testimony of how he came to know the Lord and is a tremendous speaker and an evangelist. I have seen his video bio on youtube and It was really neat getting the chance to meet him back stage. Check out his website here:
Here is a picture of Nick and me..
Here is a picture of Greg interviewing him.

I enjoy getting to do events with skillet. They are super cool peeps. (when I start typing stuff like that I know it’s time to quit blogging and go to bed….I do have to get up in 5.5 hours and get a message together to teach too…must keep blogging 😉 Craziest moment of the night? Easy, during Skillet’s last song John jacked himself pretty bad jumping off the stage. He tweaked his foot and cut his hands up pretty good. He got so hyped up that he leapt before looking and didn’t realize how high up he was. What I really like about them is that they are totally behind the vision of Harvest Crusades and don’t just view it as another gig. They were passionate about those in the audience coming to know Christ. You don’t always see that kind of attitude and it is so refreshing when it’s there.
Here is a shot of Jennie and I with John and Corey Cooper from Skillet.

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friday night

I just got an email informing me that there were 29,000 people in attendance tonight and 2,898 came forward!  Praise the Lord.  It was a great night. Greg Laurie’s message was awesome.  Here is a great little nugget from it:

“Jesus didn’t say follow My people, He said ‘follow Me’, and Jesus was never a hypocrite.” 

I am back at my hotel and am putting a message together that I will be sharing at the Team Devo’s in the morning.  Here are a few photos I took tonight–and check out this link, I recorded this little video during one of my talking segments tonight. (I like mixing social networking with public speaking.)
photo 4
Jonathan Laurie and I filming a video segment before the gates opened.
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