Wavorly at Skull Church

You can check out music from some of the other artists that have played at skull church here.

Fresh Life Men (Never) Retreat

Best. Retreat. Promo. Ever. You can tell we are more than a little amused by these…. If you are a fresh life man–sign up for the retreat here.

Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert is our newest series at Skull Church. We are going through the book of Ecclesiastes where Solomon ruins the ending for anyone who would try to live their life for anything but God. I LOVE the work the creative dept did on this series!

sheep blog

We just kicked off a five week study of Psalm 23 on the weekends at Fresh Life. This series will last for the month of May and will hopefully be a refreshing and invigorating time of growth and transformation. I know God has been quickening my heart and pruning back the unruly growth of winter as my soul has been steeping in these 6 familiar verses in preparation for the series launch.

What better way to experience the season of spring on the inside than exploring this beloved passage? Alexander Maclaren once said, “The world could get along without many a large book better than this sunny little psalm.” It is written from the perspective of a stoked sheep who is so pumped about his Shepherd that he takes to his blog, bragging about how awesome He really is.

As a whole, our art and graphics tend to have a dark and somewhat macabre feel to them (it’s kind of a part of our vibe–we do have a service called skull church…) And our series media, by and large, tends to be either very hard-hitting, in your face and explosive, or melancholy, mysterious and a little haunting. This isn’t a bad thing necessarily, it’s what we like and we are good at it. But an unguarded strength can become a double weakness.

In a creative planning meeting a while back we were talking about how any one style can be fatiguing and lose it’s impact if it is employed exclusively. We decided that we would go in the exact opposite direction for this series. (As much as I personally would have loved to see an emo sheep shuffling through the valley of the shadow of death to a song in a minor-key.) One important thing to remember in life and in art is to change it up every once in a while and not get stuck or defined by any one style.

So we declared a month-long moratorium on dark colors, war-drums, thundering anthems, and challenged ourselves to paint with a different atmospheric palette. I reassured my creative team that this wouldn’t be permanent, and that they could get back to producing media that depresses people and scares children soon. I begged for some sunshine, lollipops, and a few woodland creatures–just this one time. The end result was a happy “spoonful of sugar” type of a campaign that makes me smile every time I see it. Enjoy.

For the series launch we had live sheep, in pens, at the entrances to both of our theaters to set the pastoral mood as people arrived at church. It was a lot of fun.

What are some things you have done or could do to change the vibe up in your world?

creativity in the pulpit

Nucleus Behind the Scenes

Skull Church After-Party w/ FF5

How far is too far?

Text-msg question about sex/dating answered @ Skull Church.

High Fidelity

We launched a new series at Skull Church called High Fidelity: a study through the book of James. The big idea is that we are meant to amplify our faith in Jesus Christ through the way we live our lives. That is what James is all about; faith lived out-loud, without interference, noise or the static of sin.

Through out the series we will see what the accurate transmission of a genuine faith looks like in different areas like: facing temptation, talking, spending cash and so on. James has been called “the Proverbs of the New Testament” for a reason, he hits on a ton of different subjects and it is all super practical.

I absolutely LOVE the ultra short film that our creative team generated for this series. My hat is off to them at the way they artistically ran with the Hi-Fi concept, both in the vid and with the stage design. you can check out the video here:

The teaching that follows the video is on what the High Fidelity life looks and sounds like in Trials.

how to know the will of God

One of the issues that we all wrestle with is knowing God’s will for our lives.

Questions like: Should I date this person? Should I buy a mac or a pc? Should I take this job offer? What should I do after high-school? and How can I know if I am hearing from God or it’s just my imagination?
Greg Laurie tackles these relevant subjects head-on in this message that he gave at skull church. Ok, maybe not the computer issue, but that is a no-brainer!

He also explains the gospel in a very easy to understand way so send a link to someone who could benefit from hearing it.