Grandfather Clock

Performed by the Myriad live at Skull Church.
(If you are on a mobile device you can watch it on YouTube here)

husky power

While Greg was in Montana this week, I wanted him to have some good winter fun–but didn’t want a repeat of his first preaching trip (see here and here.) So we decided to do a different kind of sledding–dog sledding! They don’t have the horse power of a snowmobile, but they do have husky power and it was easily one of the most unique things I have ever done in my life. And nobody was hurt, which is always a plus.

Here is a little video I shot during the expedition.

Poema at Skull Church

From time to time we have guest artists play at skull church. These nights are random and unannounced, and they are always super fun. In addition to the songs they play during the service, we get the bands to do a 1/2 hour set afterwards as a bonus. Last week we had a group called Poema that has been newly signed to Tooth and Nail.

These two sisters are young, (the younger of the two had a record deal before she got her drivers license!) super talented and have a bright future ahead of them. They were also our first female artists that we have had out and as a bonus they are from my old stomping ground, Albuquerque, NM. Check out their music–they have a new album coming out soon that they let us listen to and it sounds epic.

Enjoy this video of one of their songs that they played at skull church:

NBC News Story about fresh life

Here is a story that ran on our local NBC news broadcast on Friday, November 13th. We hope people that don’t know Christ saw it and will want to check out the church! Super fun.
[youtube width=”480″ height=”385″][/youtube]

Run Kid Run

Last night was a great night at skull church. We continued our fire & ice series, studying the life of Elijah, and saw people respond to the gospel invitation making professions of faith in Christ. (always awesome to watch!) And we also had a special musical guest, Run Kid Run, who traveled from Illinois to join us.

They were originally scheduled to play last week but due to weather in Denver they were unable to fly in. They felt terrible but we assured them that it didn’t make a difference. (One of the benefits of not announcing artists ahead of time.)

They played a few songs during the service but also did a bonus 30 minute set at the end of the night and it was rad. Afterwards I caught up with them for a little interview, enjoy.
[youtube width=”480″ height=”295″][/youtube]

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Fire & Ice

At skull church we have begun our third series, Fire and Ice, a study of the life of Elijah. He was a man who was powerfully used by God. For me, the very mention of his name evokes thoughts of intensity and action. But he was human like we are and his life was marked by periods of melancholy and fear as well. I have always been intrigued by his life and am super pumped to journey through his mysterious and eventful story.

Feeling God’s pleasure

Here are some mobile musings on the following subjects: knowing and doing God’s will, Beatle’s Rockband and why (most of the time) I’m not tired.
[youtube width=”344″ height=”425″][/youtube]

God Rocks the Punk!

We kicked skull church off with a series called, the bloody death of Jesus Christ. With a macro-lens we focused on the events of skull hill. For ten weeks we considered the cross and paid careful attention to what Jesus did for us. It was powerful and moving to study His sufferings. It was also wonderful each week to see people responding to the message of the cross and make decisions for Christ–95 in all!

This week we started a new series in the book of Jonah called God Rocks the Punk! Because when we act like punks He is willing to rock our worlds. Last week we looked at the first 3 verses of chapter 1 and saw Jonah run from God. Tonight we will see that he didn’t run far or fast enough…and we will see God hurl a gnarly storm Jonah’s way in a message I am calling, the takedown.

Here is the vid from the first message in case you missed it:

20th OC Harvest comes to an epic conclusion

Here is a little video I shot during the final night of the 2009 SoCal Harvest Crusade.  I shot it with my phone from the platform and so the quality isn’t going to win any awards or anything–but I hope it gives you  some sense of the energy and excitement of the night.

I have been to and spoken at a lot of events and have hosted at 8 different harvest crusades but I sensed God’s Spirit moving in an extraordinary way this weekend.   Continue reading…

behind the scenes

a peak into the filming of the most recent announcement video.  it was shot at big mountain on a snowy and cold day.  Eric actually almost got frostbite during the chairlift ride because he wasn't wearing gloves so he wouldn't drop the camera.  the things we do for movies…you can view this vid and more on youtube