Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

I am so excited about the great opportunities that we all have to reach those around us with Christ’s love on this great week of celebration. It is remarkable how open and interested, even vocally thankful, people are when invited to go to church on Christmas Eve. For inviting and bringing people to church this truly is the most wonderful time of the year!

I’ve heard pastors cynically decry the public interest of people in church around holidays. They say stuff like, “sure, they’ll come now but won’t be back next week.” Ok, maybe that’s true. But last time I checked we were meant to cast the net not to ensure which fish remain in the boat. As far as I am concerned any ramped up receptivity to hearing the gospel is a great thing, and an opportunity that we will be held accountable for having been given.

I wanted to let you know about what we are doing to reach out online to those who can’t get to church or for those who are unwilling to come into one:

Christmas Eve
We have two HD webcasts on Christmas Eve, one at 2pm and another at 6pm. (Mountain Time) This will be the grand finale of our Majesty series.
The online experience will stream to iPhones, computers and iPads at If you have sketchy internet you can listen to an audio only feed at
We have built a page where you can tweet, facebook or email a friend about it. Click here to check it out.

Christmas Day
I am super stoked about what we are doing on Christmas and want to invite you to be a part of it. We have put together a Christmas worship experience to-go. It includes some beautiful Christmas carols performed exclusively for this purpose, a message that I filmed on the east coast and an optional interactive question guide for families to discuss what Christmas is all about with their kids. The vision behind it is for everyone to take some time to honor Christ as Lord, though in different places, before opening presents. Plus this way you get to go to church in your pj’s!

We are giving out DVD’s with the content on Christmas Eve, and QR codes that point to the content for those traveling, but I will also post it here for those of you on the blog who would like to join in. Look for it here anytime after midnight on Christmas day.

I have previewed it all and trust me when I say that it is really special and it would be a huge joy to know you were joining my family in this special way.

“The modern Christian has lost a sense of worship along with the concept of majesty and reverence…We must see again how awful [awe-full] God is, how beautiful and how perfect. And we must begin to preach it, sing it, write about it, promote it, talk it, tell it and pray it until we have recaptured the concept of majesty…” -A.W. Tozer