Christmas in New York

Merry Christmas! We put together this project so that on this special day, the birthday of Christ, families could gather and worship His Majesty while gathered around the tree. The vision is for everyone to watch and discuss before opening presents, having a church service right in your living room–singing and everything! (it might be agony for the kiddos but it will prolong the suspense and hit sustain on the excitement) Regardless of when you watch it I hope that it is a blessing to your celebration.

We have also created a discussion guide that goes along with each of the 4 phases from the different places in New York. You could either hit pause after each segment and discuss or do it all at the end. (here is the link to the discussion guide) I hope you enjoy this at-home worship experience! You could also post a link on facebook or email a link to someone you think it would be encouraging to.

In AWE of Him,