don’t forget to have fun

An important aspect of cultivating the unity and energy in a team is periodically infusing fun elements into the mix. Google has regularly been ranked as one of the funnest places to work at because of unorthodox practices like offering wii bowling lessons and sushi in the cafeteria. Patagonia is an outdoors outfitting company whose offices completely empty out anytime the surf’s up–because all the employee’s rush to catch a wave. REI offers a full dog park at their headquarters so that their employees can bring their dogs to work everyday.

If you haven’t ever done anything fun with your team–go and play lazer tag, shoot paintballs at each other, or just order some pizza, you will be surprised how much of a difference it will make. We had one of our most productive and important pastors meetings in recent history this past week and it took place in between chairlift rides during an afternoon spent snowboarding. We regularly spend time as a team sharing bizarre theories about the survivors of flight 815 and the dharma initiative. Here’s the point, no matter what sort of a team you are leading–you will move closer to the maximum potential as you intentionally create a culture of fun.