Have you heard that phrase, frenemies? When I think of the word frenemy, I think of that old idea of the enemy of my enemy being my friend. If there’s someone you don’t like, but there’s someone you don’t like more, and that person that you don’t like also doesn’t like the person you don’t like more, than you can have a tactical alliance. You can come together and lay aside your differences. You can become friends with your enemy because of your real enemy.

I want to use that phrase in a different sense, and here’s what I want you to understand about your enemies here on this earth. The friend of your enemy is your God. Let that sink in. Think of an enemy in your life. Think of an enemy in any way. The enemy, that you have in your life, that person’s friend is God. Your God. The Bible says that Jesus is the friend of sinners. When our debts were being called for, the friend of sinners came instead. The friend of sinners is one of the most beautiful titles of Jesus.

Now we love that personally for us. Jesus is the friend of me, I’m a sinner. Yes, but the person who sinned against you, that you hate, He’s their friend, too. The friend of your enemy is your God. God wants to give forgiveness to you, and He wants forgiveness to flow through you, because He loves you and He wants your soul to be well.