Fresh Life on Blu-ray

On Valentines Day we are finally releasing the Fresh Life Story! We are offering it on DVD, digital download (in both standard and high-definition) and on Blu-ray. Starting Tuesday, February 14th you can place your order at We are also excited to be streaming the entire film to watch for free online for fourteen days.

Our prayer is that this story of our journey would be used to inspire and encourage pastors, church-planters, and Christians all over the world. Perhaps think of getting your team together to watch it together. It would be perfect for a staff meeting or to get pumped up before brainstorming a big project. I wish we had been able to watch a piece like this as a team before we set out for Montana!


We also created a very special and unique two-day edition of Fresh Life Audio, our radio program, that will be airing on February, 13th and 14th that includes content from this project so be sure to tune in. For a list of radio stations that air fresh life audio click here.