Fresh Life Radio — Enhanced Streaming Player

Our creative team just rolled out a slick new interface that takes listening to fresh life radio on your computer to the next level. The player now tells you the name of the artist, song, and album (with artwork) that you are listening to currently. It also tells you the name of the last song that was played and the song that is on deck.

This is a feature that I think people will really enjoy, because we aren’t exactly a chart-driven radio station. (understatement of the year) We shuffle a blend of: killer teachings, modern worship, groundbreaking indie, and alternative rock. We play music we like and we hope you like it too. We also know that, in our quest to discover and play new artists, listeners will be regularly be asking, “who is this?” as they listen and we are stoked to finally be able to give an answer. And an elegant one at that–kudos to the code monkeys for building this classy little player!

If you haven’t listened yet, check it out. It’s great stuff. I’ll be honest, if fresh life radio didn’t exist I wouldn’t listen to radio at all. I’d just as soon rock Pandora or my own iTunes library. No offense, but on most Christian stations it’s the same 8 artists over and over again…ad nauseum. On fresh life radio, in addition to bands I already know and love, I am regularly being exposed to new artists and having to ask our music director and station manager, “I LOVE this song, who is this?” Fortunately, with our new player, they won’t have to be constantly fielding those texts from me! Plus, radio stations have a personality that playlists, even music genome generated ones, do not.

We also have a streaming app available in the Android market (link) And a stream at that will run in the background on your iPhone, iPod Touch or an iPad.

Try it, you’ll like it. (yo gabba gabba reference)