Fresh Life Radio

On Sunday at the 11am service our new FM radio station went on the air for the first time. It has been a two year process since we took a step of faith and applied for a signal from the FCC and God opened every door to get us here in that time. The format for the station is unique; in addition to live services from Fresh Life and Skull Church, on weekday mornings we air teachings from Greg Laurie, Skip Heitzig, Chuck Smith and Jon Courson. The rest of the time the station plays killer Christian music. And not the kind of Christian music you would hear in an elevator either!

Chris Tomlin, Underoath, The Myriad, Blindside, Phil Wickham, MuteMath, Family Force 5, Matt Redman, Leeland, Lecrae, Skillet and David Crowder Band are just a few of the artists we play. Epic Win.

I have been advised that the safest way to approach the Christian radio market is to not be so edgy because even though we will be playing a ton of modern worship, which has a broad appeal, the more intense songs have a high “tune-out factor” among middle-aged women who represent the biggest percentage of those who listen to Christian radio in this country. And while we have nothing but love for those who are middle aged women, we are willing to take that risk. The way I see it, maybe a different (younger) demographic would tune in to Christian radio more if stations were willing to play the kind of music they listen to!

We are intentionally targeting a lost generation that doesn’t know Christ and that always involves taking risks.

Listening to the station the last few days has been awesome, like a killer iPod on shuffle–solid teaching and rockin’ music–I Love it!

P.S.–For those of you not in Montana, we are working on getting it streaming online and I will post the link here when it is up.

Here is the video of us going on the air for the first time.