God in the Garden

Last night was an amazing night of ministry.  New York can be a very difficult to minister in.  It is a powerful city, that almost pulsates with energy and life, but for many it is a rough place to live and given 9/11, and the current economic crisis there are many hurting people.  But tonight was all about hope.  After epic music from the Katinas, Relient K and Mercy Me, Greg preached a message of hope and faith that you could tell resonated with people and many of them opened their lives up to Christ.  Over 1,300 from around the 5 burroughs of New York City and as far as Long Island and New Jersey came to know Jesus Christ!  Outside of the fact that even one sinner coming to repentance is enough to create a cosmic fiesta, it was also very cool to see this happen in such a historic venue.  Madison Square Garden is known all around the world for it’s concerts, and athletics but tonight it was serving a higher purpose.  51 years ago Billy Graham held crusades in the Madison Square Garden, but tonight was the first event in years to take place there for the purpose of the proclamation of the gospel.  Let me tell you it was killer to see God once again at work in the Garden! 

Here is a little video I shot outside the garden and inside the tunnel leading out to the stage before the doors opened.