Happily Ever After

In the past 4 years, in addition to some great topical series, we have made it all the way through 13 books of the Bible (you can catch up here) and we are about to add another one to that list. This weekend at freshlife we are beginning a new study going verse by verse through the Old Testament book of Ruth. This book puts a magnificent love story (that of Ruth and Boaz) on display. That is wonderful in and of itself, God cares very much about our love lives! But in this beautiful, Biblical chick-flick we are also presented with another love story, an eternal one. We see a striking picture of God’s love for messed up, sinful people, and the price He was willing to pay to redeem us to Himself.

Throughout this series we will be inviting people to respond to God’s great love and invite Christ into their hearts. Towards that end, we made the series launch look like little Valentines. This seemed like a great idea during our creative brainstorming meeting. I wasn’t so sure we had chosen wisely yesterday after handing one out to the guy with grease covered hands who rang me up at the car place. He held it up and saw the heart and shot me a funny look like I had handed him a grenade with the pin pulled. I quickly blurted out, “Uh, I’d like to invite you to a new series we are starting at church this weekend…it’s all about God’s love.”

But you know what? Dudes who have to use lava soap at the end of a shift need to know about Christ’s love too! And I am praying for God to stir longing in the hearts of all those who come, whatever their station in life is. I hope that they will realize that their heart is empty and that what they ultimately crave deep-down, that causes them to turn to other things, is a relationship with the God that made them. I pray that we see many choose to open the door of their hearts to Christ as their Savior, Lord and Valentine.

If you know of someone who needs to hear that God loves them, invite them to come to a service!

Kalispell: Saturday night 6pm at the Strand, Sunday morning 9am at the Strand and 11am at the Strand and the Liberty.

Whitefish: Sunday morning 10am at the Whitefish Mountain Cinema

Webcast: Sunday morning 9am and 11am MST at freshlifechurch.com

Radio: Sunday morning 9am and 11am MST at freshliferadio.com