Harvest Crusades Year Recap Video

I saw this video on Greg Laurie’s blog, which if you don’t read–you should! And I was so stoked seeing the big picture of the way God has used Greg and the Harvest Crusades in 2008. We have been honored and blessed to have Greg come and speak at our church a number of times and it has always been epic. (I always feel like fresh life is getting an elephant gun where they are used to a fly swatter, but I know he really enjoys his time in Montana, and so did his son Christopher.)

I esteem him highly (1 Thessalonians 5:12-13) and admire the mixture of his gifts both as a pastor, who loves to teach the Word, and as an evangelist, who brings the good news to lost people. There is no one whose style and example I have looked at and tried to follow as much as his. And I am so thankful that he has taken the time to take me under his wing and mentor me as a young pastor. Part of it has been through sitting under his teachings, which I do ever week through podcasts and webcasts–Thank God for Technology. And a major part has been through being his friend and watching his life preach the same message his sermon does. He became a pastor at an even younger age than me and has given me so much practical advice and wisdom starting out as a church planter.

This has been a bitterly hard year for Greg and his family, walking through the valley of the shadow of death, yet they have feared no evil, remembering that the Lord is with them. Greg gave the last message at the Preach the Word conference on pain. Both dealing with it in the ministry yourself, as he has this year as his beloved son, Christopher, went to heaven, suddenly and unexpectedly. And ministering to people who are hurting as we all will. I am continually stunned watching how bravely he has faced the pain, keeping his mind on Christ and his heart set on reaching out to others, and he is a steadfast example in suffering for me as he has been in service.

I know you will be blessed by watching the video which shows the impact of this years Harvest Crusades, and if you have partnered with Greg in prayer or through supporting the crusades–it is fruit to your spiritual account as well.