He is Risen!

Wow, what a day. I love Easter. There is no greater thing on earth to celebrate than the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He conquered death and offers life to anyone who will accept it. Wonderful. The whole weekend was so special, crazy–but significant. We had an awesome Good Friday service at noon where we considered the cross and took communion remembering Christ’s sacrifice. It was bitter-sweet, bitter because it was our sin that brought him so much pain and suffering, but sweet because we have been forgiven. By His stripes we are healed.

Today, we had 3 packed Resurrection services at the Strand. During the 10 o’ clock service people were everywhere–sitting on stairs, and standing against the walls. It was crazy remembering back two years to our first easter as a church when 100 people showed up to fresh life. We could hardly believe so many people had come, we were only a 3 month old church and it felt like a lot of people. The numbers have definitely changed drastically from then to now, but the message has not. Jesus died, rose again and is mighty to save. That is Christianity. We must not allow familiarity with the Easter story to rob us of how awesome that is. People die everyday and they don’t get up from the grave, that just doesn’t happen–dead is dead afterall. (LOST Reference) But Jesus did rise, and he calls us to rise as well.

The whole theme of our worship celebration today was centered on Ephesians 5:14 which says, “Awake O you sleeper, arise from the dead, and Christ will give you light.” Kevin and the band played a song that was based on that verse and you can hear it in the video below right before I teach. What is so cool about the verse from Ephesians is that many commentators believe that it is an excerpt from a first century hymn that was sung on Easter to invite nonbelievers to come to Christ. It was awesome doing the exact same thing with it almost 2,000 years later. We rocked it out a bit from how it went back in the day–but 21 people responded to the invitation and made decisions to follow Christ!

You can watch the message here:

May the same Spirit that rose Christ from the dead fill your heart and life with resurrection power, like spiritual red-bull poured into your soul!
From our family to yours–Happy Easter.